I want what I want. Within reason.


This very well may be the cutest cupcake wrapper I have ever seen. Granted, I have not seen that many cupcake wrappers. Mostly papers. And I have been known to possess unreasonable numbers of cupcake papers at times. Okay, most of the time. I have a thing for cupcakes. You can ask Husband. He finds it rather amusing sometimes. We will be discussing a menu for whatever shindig we are planning. And at the very end he will say something like ~ “Oh dont forget the cupcakes. Like you would.” Or “and of course cupcakes.” But you know as much as I love cupcakes and I have the specific cupcake books to prove it (three at this time), even I will not pay $1 a piece to wrap them. As cute as they would be. And festive. And you know good and well they would probably even taste better wrapped in these filigree cupcake wrappers from FancyFlours. But since I tend to make 3-5 dozen when I make them, anyway you add that up there is $40-$60 dollars. Oooo that’s sounds so much worse than $1 each. So I must move on.

The co-op is actually going better than planned. I believe I will actually get it out of here tomorrow instead of Friday as originally thought. Which is a good thing. I have to finish the “very special” apron I am making and I have a couple more to cut and sew. And come Monday, I have to start putting cookie dough in the freezer and getting everything prepared for the holiday. I will try to post a menu soon. And some photos of my Holiday Notebook.

Unless I am very sadly mistaken, I believe I am finished with my gift purchases. They are not all in, but they are all on the way or already under the tree. I still have to make and put together goodies for family and friends but not until the week of Christmas.

We were all so pooped last night we skipped our Christmas Movie. But as Benjamin pointed out, we dont have quite 24 in our possession so it’s okay to skip a night or two. He and I had a couple of cooking shows with holiday themes, that we wanted to watch and by the time those were over, we just wanted to go to sleep.

We drove over Sunday afternoon to Oldest Daughters, order in pizza and walked downtown to look at some of the lights. Here was my favorite window display. Kaffie -Frederick has been selling my soaps since 1999. Luke Frederick was my first wholesale customer outside my little town. The store is just amazing. Like stepping back in time.



It is very VERY hard to take pictures of the lights without them being blurred. But here are a couple of fairly clear ones.



Well…got lots to do today. Have a great one!

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Those are just to beautiful.


Well, that is a beautiful cupcake liner – but a $1.00 a piece?! Ouch!

We traditionally have red velvet cupcakes for Christmas with cream cheese frosting – some covered in shredded coconut & some not.


That’s Natchitoches!! We love that city. Before we moved up here, my dh and I had started a semi-tradition of going up there and staying at the Queen Anne B&B around our anniversary. We took our girls one year, too, which was fun. We have dear friends who live there who own the shop that was Truvy’s #2 in Steel Magnolias!! It’s called Southern Treasures, I think…or maybe that’s their daughter’s shop in the two we used to live in. I think their’s is Plantation Treasures. I don’t even know if they actually still own it. It was so much taking the carriage ride tour and having them point out all the spots from the movie. The things that looked so larger-than-life on film were less impressive in real-life, but neat to see them nonetheless. Thanks for bringing back all these good, fun memories for me!


Those cupcake holders are lovely, too bad they weren’t cheaper! Check out my post on the giant cupcake pan, that is my must have this year! You’ll love it too!

Well, they are cute. But they’re not that cute. Unless you’re Martha S., who could afford to wrap their cupcakes up in such darlingness?
I love the Christmas window. It has a very nostalgic feel to it. I love those kind of Christmas things.

I, too, love those cupcake wrappers. And, I always seem to be making cupcakes or muffins, one of the two. They seem to be my youngest daughter’s favorite as well. Why is that? I guess they’re just cute to look at – little, bitty cakes.

I love your Christmas pictures. So pretty.

You know, you could probably make your own cupcake wrappers using one of those scrapbooking paper edge cutters that puts a beautiful pattern on the outside of the paper!
Something like this one –

Just an idea!

You are a genius, Kris! I will give it a try and let you know!


my favorite are the dark chocolate with the cream filled sprouting from the top…and of course Lincolns’ birthday cupcakes…