Just a little embellishment…

Added a little something to the already very cute apron going out to Beth. I kinda love yo-yos. I have a whole jar of them sitting on my sewing table…just begging to be added to something.


This was a Christmasy one I thought would be just the thing. Beth if you read this be sure and check the pocket…always a surprise in there!

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yo-yo’s are so very fun to make. tons of things to use them on too.


You rock girlfriend! I am beyond excited now. Just got my sisterhood membership info today. Looks like I will have another reason to watch for the mailman soon~!!!!!!

Very cute yo-yos. Love those Christmas colors!


Hey Suzi- I got this today in the mail- it is equisite. I cannot thank you enough. SO beautiful! You are such a dear friend. I cherish my friendship with you! Blessings to you and yours!