Safe and Sound & a Question…

Hannah arrived safe and sound.  She talked to us about 6-7 times from the time we checked her baggage.  We called her when we got home and she was having a ball.  The parents are just as nice as her friend (we knew they would be) and the pets loved her.  I think they have quite an agenda for the next few days.  See the Atlantic, go to the outlet mall (I can so see her coming home with a Coach handbag), and mostly just visiting with her friend.  We will go pick her up on Thursday afternoon.  It is good practice for me navigating the airport since that is where we will be flying out of in April.  It seem very well run and organized.  I know that is not the case in all large airports according to Husband. 

We did a little shopping and at at the Outback for the big birthday.  And still got home before 10pm.  

Now my question: What are you happy people cooking these days.  Nothing sounds terribly appetizing after the amount of food we consumed over the holidays.  I am very proud that I havent gained any weight over the past month – unless of course it is a delayed reaction and I will wake up one day unable to pull on my pants!  

Also I have started posting recipes over on The Farmhouse Gourmet – I wanted a place to keep all my recipes together.  So I will attempt over the next few weeks, to move some of them and eventually all of them – I will then begin to just link to that site instead of posting both places. There will be categories so they will be easier to find for everyone.  This hopefully, will become more my sewing/crafting/personal blog.  Then there is the April in Paris blog…which is sorely neglected at this moment but I do have things to post there…just havent had time. 

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I think she will come home with a Coach bag too. She was trying to hard to talk herself out of it the other day!
I hope you guys find a way to come visit tomorrow night!!!
New website is cute!
I have a question for you…. how in the world did you get all that done yesterday and leave after noon time and still make it home before 10? You guys are good!

Cooking? You mean I have to do that again?

Today we are having broccoli cheese soup and I have no clue for supper.

What in the world are you guys eating these days? Soup, soup and more soup. I made a huge pot of bean soup with my ham bone and we are eating it!! I’m tired of cooking right now so it is OK with me.




I made a nice stew/hash the other day. We had leftover beef roast from Christmas so I cubed it up, threw it in the crockpot with some sauted onion & garlic & cubed yukon gold potatoes & some beef broth. Left in the crock pot for the afternoon on low. Yummy. Served it with fresh cornbread muffins & green salad. Love my crockpot.


COOK?? Surely you jest! Spaghetti, soup ~ the easy stuff! Really, after putting together such a meal as xmas….one really shouldn’t have to do it again utnil…oh…Easter, don’t you think?

You have so much energy! Just reading your post tires me out and I’ll have to go lie down on the couch before dragging myself off to the craft corner for some more scrapbooking….LOL.

Cooking… well, I haven’t actually been hungry for the past month or so – I eat because the clock says it is time! But, I do have a family to feed. It stays warm enough here for me to grill all year so I’ve cooked hotdogs on the grill, pork steaks on the grill, chicken on the grill, etc. I make simple side dishes – baked beans, salad, bread, or green beans. If we’ve had a really busy day and hubby is out of town, we’ll make sandwiches and just have fruit and chips to go along with them. We’re pretty lazy in the cooking department for a while after the holidays. Just. Too. Full.

Still mostly leftovers at this house. Though I did make dh and dd some lovely lemon chicken (a Nigella recipe) last night for New Years Eve supper. On my own for a couple of days now I will not have to leave the house as there is still so much food in the fridge. After they left for Granny’s this morning I cut up two croissants, soaked them in egg and milk and sprinkled with cinnamon suger and baked for a little while. Oh my goodness that was gorgeous!

Lunch will be a sort of bubble and squeak made with leftover mash, veg and cheese. This is the year we stop wasting food in this house and make more out of leftovers.

Love to see the new recipe blog.

Happy New Year to you