We have touch down!

Husband is home safe and sound. A very uneventful trip home – plane was a little late coming in from Atlanta but that is not too unusual. We are going to take part of the day to hang out but do have some work to do today. He told me on the way home last night he is going to make mini meatpies for our party. Happy for him to do it but as Oldest Daughter can tell you, they arent easy to make. To me, that is the hardest dough I have ever tried to master. I will type up his recipe for you later. Its a good one – just know going in, the dough is a challenge. For me anyway.

And I added a little something to my pre-meal menu. I am going to make a corn chowder for folks to snack on as they come in. I know my brother and others will be here a good bit early especially if there is a football game on that afternoon.

That’s all I have for this morning…got tons of things to do today – Have a great Friday.

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Merry “Christ”mas and a Happy New Year filled with good health, happiness and love of family.