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I started a new diet today.

Very easy. You start with a nice case of food poisoning. And go from there. I have never in all my 48 years been any sicker than I have been since 1:30 this morning. And now I can add to the things that will never EVER cross these lips again. Fried Chicken, cole slaw and hamburgers. I havent eaten one spoonful of bean with bacon soup since I was 11 years old. I got a stomach virus and ended up in the emergency room shot full of demerol and now just looking at the can makes the back of my mouth water. But as of an hour ago I kept down a popsicle (I dont like popsicles at ALL)and two Tylenol for a killer headache from fever!

Benjamin would make a very good nurse. He stayed right with me all day and took very good care of me. Although he assures me this ability only applies to people he loves. Not strangers. But thankfully he was here.

About the book club: we will wait for you all to get your books. No hurry. It matters not if it is exactly the first. So just let me know when you have your copy and then we will get the ball rolling.

Going back to bed. Talk to you all soon.


Monday Morning Mullygrubs

I don’t particularly like Mondays, but if we didn’t have them Tuesdays would be horrid!  We will be getting a bit of schoolwork finished this morning and then out the door to the allergist.  Benjamin has another rash. No, I am not even kidding.  That young man has such sensitive skin.  This very well may be just dry skin patches but it is really close to his eyes and I don’t feel comfortable “doctoring” it any further without consulting a real doctor.

When we get back we will grab some supper as tonight is the first basketball practice of the season for Benjamin.  I can’t tell if he is excited or not.  He’s a bit like his dad in that you never really know exactly how excited he is.  If he is participating, then he is sufficiently excited I suppose.

Today marks two weeks Husband has been gone.  Not really half way as he has to leave three days early to allow the travel time.  And this little trip we are taking is sneaking on up…10 weeks!

I really an not inspired this morning, I will try to get you a recipe or two typed up.  Until then…have a great Monday! Here is a little glimpse of my organization progress ~



Apparently Winter Has Arrived!


Finally you say!  Well we have had a couple of pretty cold days for us.  It never reached 40F yesterday.  Which is quite unusual.  But by tomorrow afternoon it is to be in the upper 60’s – we will feel it’s a heat wave! No snow just yucky rain and plenty of it.

With this cold weather (cold for us, I realize) I have been debating what to cook for this weekend.   Last night I was not very impressive…a pork loin in the oven, French bread and a corn dish.  I admit I don’t get nearly as excited about cooking when Husband is away.  His enthusiasm for food and cooking and planning meals is contagious.  It is quite possible I will serve leftover pork with a side of dressed up homemade mac n cheese.  That is always a welcome dish.

Tomorrow is our little grandson’s fourth birthday.  Happy Birthday Sam!  We won’t spend it with him as he lives 3-4 hours from here but will host a party for him when Grandpa returns.  It seems like just yesterday he arrived and at the same time so much has changed in our lives since then.

The cleaning project is going well but slow.  I need badly to take things to the storage building but with all the rain it’s been impossible.  So while it doesn’t look like I have made much progress with all the boxes still sitting around, I have in fact made great progress.  I will hopefully do quite a bit this weekend and by the first of the week we will have a sunny day or two for me to move things out.  When all is said and done, I just might post a few pictures – before it is all undone!

I am so encouraged by the enthusiasm for the book selection.  If you havent checked out the selection please zip over there and see what’s happening!

As most of you know, I have a business – Dahlem’s Soapworks.  And will be printing a catalogue in the next few weeks.  And also doing a sale before I ship off for France so if you are interested.   You can visit my web shoppe and join my mailing list thru yahoogroups and be kept abreast.

Off to get a little work done so the girls and I can settle in and watch Nicholas Nickleby this afternoon.  Have a lovely Saturday!  And try to stay warm!


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