An Award!


A You Make Me Smile Award from  Ruthann over at Warm Pie, Happy Home

She will probably want to take it back after today’s post!  Sorry to let you down Ruthann…caught me on a rough day!  BUT I will play along.  I am working on my post where I list 6 random habits/facts about myself and then tag 6 women with blogs who make me smile! Thank you Ruthann and I will cheer up, I promise!

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Hello dear friend, I am so sorry about your loss and the difficult time you are having. It is perfectly understandable! My goodness. Please don’t feel any pressure about responding to this award thing, I just wanted you to know the joy that you bring to me and to I’m sure thousands of other women. You really have the gift of hospitality, and I am so thankful that you share your time and talents. I pray that God would comfort you. Hang in there, and take good care of yourself.
Your friend,
Warm Pie, Happy Home