Apparently Winter Has Arrived!


Finally you say!  Well we have had a couple of pretty cold days for us.  It never reached 40F yesterday.  Which is quite unusual.  But by tomorrow afternoon it is to be in the upper 60’s – we will feel it’s a heat wave! No snow just yucky rain and plenty of it.

With this cold weather (cold for us, I realize) I have been debating what to cook for this weekend.   Last night I was not very impressive…a pork loin in the oven, French bread and a corn dish.  I admit I don’t get nearly as excited about cooking when Husband is away.  His enthusiasm for food and cooking and planning meals is contagious.  It is quite possible I will serve leftover pork with a side of dressed up homemade mac n cheese.  That is always a welcome dish.

Tomorrow is our little grandson’s fourth birthday.  Happy Birthday Sam!  We won’t spend it with him as he lives 3-4 hours from here but will host a party for him when Grandpa returns.  It seems like just yesterday he arrived and at the same time so much has changed in our lives since then.

The cleaning project is going well but slow.  I need badly to take things to the storage building but with all the rain it’s been impossible.  So while it doesn’t look like I have made much progress with all the boxes still sitting around, I have in fact made great progress.  I will hopefully do quite a bit this weekend and by the first of the week we will have a sunny day or two for me to move things out.  When all is said and done, I just might post a few pictures – before it is all undone!

I am so encouraged by the enthusiasm for the book selection.  If you havent checked out the selection please zip over there and see what’s happening!

As most of you know, I have a business – Dahlem’s Soapworks.  And will be printing a catalogue in the next few weeks.  And also doing a sale before I ship off for France so if you are interested.   You can visit my web shoppe and join my mailing list thru yahoogroups and be kept abreast.

Off to get a little work done so the girls and I can settle in and watch Nicholas Nickleby this afternoon.  Have a lovely Saturday!  And try to stay warm!


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I hope that you enjoyed Nicolas Nickleby! I did. We are watching a lovely series over here right now called Lark Rise to Candleford. It’s a period piece and totally delightful. You can probably watch the episodes on BBC iplayer if you wanted to. Happy Birthday to your grandson. My oldest will be celebrating his second birthday in just a few weeks. You are so right when you say that life is never the same after they are born. I like to think of them as life’s reward for a life well spent. XXOO