Book Club Info – Please Read- Updated List


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I’ve never been in a book club before, but it’s always been on my list. Are there still openings?

Hello again,
Does this mean I’m in? I hope so. I love reading and tea. I’m new to your blog, but am enjoying reading it. And silly me-I left out “the”
As in,

oooooh….me too please..if you have more room I would LOVE to be in the book club!!

I would love to be in your bookclub and hopefully I will be able to read it in the alotted time frame! I only ever have the chance to read when I get into bed at night. Sometimes when I have insomnia that means a few hours, other times when I don’t have insomnia that is only about 15 minutes!

I’d love to join your book club! Please count me in.

Jeny Edwards

I’d love to be in your book club as well. I tried to find some details about it in past entries, but couldn’t (such as length of time to read, where to discuss, etc.), but I love reading and am always looking for a new title. 🙂

Can I still join? I, too, have always wanted to be a part of a book club, but just haven’t managed to do it. I read CONSTANTLY. I will check your next post to see what you’re reading. Thanks.

I’d love to join if it’s not to late. I’ve joined a couple of reading challenges for this year, but always have room for one more.