First Giveaway of 2008!

Yes right here on January 2nd. Let’s start the year of with a bang! Or a pie as the case may be! I was looking at my blog stats and noticed that my Coconut Cream Pie post was one of the most viewed posts. So there’s the first hint! If you want to enter the give away go here and tell me your favorite pie story, recipe or ask a pie question. I will do my best to answer! If I don’t have the answer I will find it!


Maybe this is my way of giving The Pie back some dignity after it was so abused in the movie Waitress

You can read my review here. More of a rant I suppose.

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Kim Pebley

Wow.. first to comment! I do have a favorite pie story.. actually my first experience. My best friend and I went berry picking.. we picked blackberries, strawberries and cherries. My grandma was not home that weekend and we decided to make pies. I have pictures of us and ohhhh how funny. We had more flour on us than in the crust.. The pies were pretty good and what a memory that day left. I love to cook and bake still today. I love to read your blog. Thanks for sharing.
Kim in Havasu ,

Come on Kim…let us see the picture!!!

Kim Pebley

I will have to find them and post them for you. What a sight.. 🙂

Susan, I’ve given you a blogger award. Stop by my blog to check it out.




My MIL came to visit shortly after we were married. I decited to make a pie. I used the premade crust that came in a box like sticks of butter. Well I rolled it out and rolled it out and rolled it out it was like leather. She sat and watched and offered no advice and I was not about to ask her. After dinner she gave me her recipe and I have been using it since. I will share it with all of you. It is so easy and has never failed me.

2 cups of flour
1 cup of crisco
1/2 cup of water.

Mix the first two ingredients togethr with a pastry mixer until well blended. Then add water. Mix together. Flour your board,hands and you rolling pin and try to handle it as little as possible. Good luck I am sure you will love it as much as I do.

Now I have a couple of questions. Which apples are best for an apple pie in the summer when apples are fresh?
I am from Mac country and that is what I use.

Second do you use cinnamon, nutmeg or both in your apple pie? Do you use any flour?
Thanks so much for your help.

Pat I am out the door to the airport to pick up Hannah but I will answer you tomorrow okay? I love all the stories! I really do.

Not really a pie story or question!
Just a family tradition!
My in laws invite all the grandkids over every year the day before thanksgiving and they make pies! Each child wears an apron and chefs hat!
The younger ones stand on the chairs and roll the dough out, and eat the dough when grammy and poppa is not looking!
Its great!

Hugz, Dolly

I don’t really have a pie “story” – just not adept at making those crusts. I do make Paula Deen’s Tomato pie – two at a time – we love it that much … and I used to make Japanese Fruit Pie alot – been a long time – I’ll have to find that recipe.

My question is – why eat cheddar cheese with apple pie? I just never got the concept of that.

Oh!…just thought of something – doing family research I learned that my great grandmother used to make Funeral pies a lot. Do you know anything about those pies? Thanks!

Hi Friend!
I’m going to go look at your coconut pie entry when I’m done. My little story is about coconut pie. Just before Christmas, we made a pie and gave it to a friend. My husband is the pie crust maker; and, I make the filling. This was a coconut pie. I make them deep dish with double filling and double meringue and double coconut. Yum!

Well, we gave this pie to a friend. She used it for a Christmas get together with her parents and sister’s family. Her sister has always been the best pie maker in the family. Well her dad asked who made the pie. My friend said she’d made it. Her father just went on and on about how she was now the best pie maker in the family! She later came clean and everyone had a good laugh.

As I said, my husband makes our pie crust because I have trouble rolling it out. Do you have any suggestions?

God bless and may many pies be in your future!

Happy at Home

Welcome to The Foodie Blogroll!

HappyNew Year! Many pies to you for the new year!

What’s the best way to get fresh pumpkin to not be stringy in your pie? Or is it just better to used canned pumpkin? I love your blog!


Several years ago I did once-a-month cooking with a friend. We had cherries from our tree so we decided to make pies. Also decided to mae the crusts from scratch! We made 11 that’s 22 crusts..I dont think either one of us had made crusts before. We were SO proud of ourselves! lol We each were freezing 5 pies & the extra pie we dished up to eat. We had 6 children here, so we served them 1st..before she & I could try our pie, the kids were gagging, making disgusting noises & bringing the pie back to us. I rolled my eyes & took a bite…can we say “EWWHHH”? It was HORRIBLE! The crusts were disgusting! All we could come up with was the oil that we used was rancid ? Anyway, I dont know about my friend, but I”ve never made a crust from scratch since!!! lol


My post disappeared.
I don’t have a pie recipe as I don’t fool with dough too much. I have warm, errr, hot hands. I can take a stick of butter out of fridge and get it softened in about 15 seconds by holding in my hands. Any help? Do you know of any glove that would cool my hands down or ?????

Your post is over under Giveaway…check over there. I answered you!! Finally…sorry I missed you before. Trying to catch up!

just bought a marble rolling pin and i will never go back to the old wooden one. It’s the best for rolling pie crust.

I have recently subscribed to your blog and have really enjoyed your recipes, and also your ability to be so candid with your readers, so thank you for that!

My pie story…….when I was about 10 years old, my 15 year old sister and I decided to make a banana cream pie for dessert on family dinner night. (We have a large family, so we didn’t always eat together). My sister, being older, took the lead on the project, and so I just helped where needed. She had never made banana cream pie before……so it was definitely an experiment. Since it didn’t need to be cooked, it sat in the fridge during dinner to chill.

We started eating it after dinner when my mom stopped in the middle of a bite and said, “Kate, did you cook this?” She replied, “No…..why?” And mom said, “But you cooked the crust right?” and Kate said, “uh, no, I thought you didn’t cook this pie.” It turns out she had used a store bought crust that you unfold and put in the pie pan, and since it was “pre-made”she thought she didn’t have to cook it. We all had a good laugh and ate the pie anyway, afterall, she had gone to all that trouble of dumping the ingredients into the uncooked crust…..and she’s NEVER made a pie since. HA!