Happy New Year!

May 2008 be a very good year for all of us!  I just thought this was a very cute graphic and wanted to share it.  Is that the tradition behind kissing at midnight on New Years??? Start the year off right??


I think today is a lazy day but we will see.  The kids got crazy last night and wanted to rake the yard.  Actually I think they wanted to play in a pile of leaves and I wasnt raking for them! 


And I think in the next couple of days the cabinet doors will be up in the living room and if so, I will post some updates.  I am going now to move some recipes over to The Farmhouse Gourmet. See you all very soon.  

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Happy New Year Susan,

Today we are taking down our Christmas Trees and
the decorations and I have decided to make your
corn chowder. In Indiana we received a healthy dose of snow and this will be a stay at home day.
I was purusing your fried chicken article on The
Farmhouse Gourmet and was wondering what
kind of yellow and blue bowls those are that hold the flour and buttermilk, they are very pretty.


They are some odds and ends I picked up at TJMax – the first trip I ever made there. I am not much of a shopper but wandered in one day. They had so many lovely kitchen things. These bowls however didnt hold up very well ~ both are missing handles now! They were also handglazed in China and with all the recent reports of products from China containing lead…well…I threw them out.


Happy New Year Susan and Fellow Bloggers;

Have been keeping in touch with you all December but haven’t commented..I truly enjoyed hearing about all your preparations. No wonder you didn’t gain any weight, you are so busy!

In Western NY all our snow melted but received a dusting the other night. we are supposed to get a foot today into tomorrow. We’ll see..

I am making a lasagna today. My youngest will be home with his girlfriend. They went to a party last night and spent the night..good idea! Then tomorrow my 1.5 year old grandson will be here. I watch him 2 days a week while his Mom & Dad work. It is so much fun. I never thought a Grandchild could be so much truly is a special thing.

Well y’all have a relaxing day. I’m keeping my tree up till Epiphany..