Happy Pie Day! And #18 of My 27 Things to Live By – Book Club Anyone?

Yes it is National Pie Day – Celebrate and Make a Pie! Here is one of my favorite pics of Rachel a few years back…very accomplished pie crust roller outer!


#18 of my list of 27 Things to Live By is : Read at least one book a month just for pleasure. So…here is what I am proposing, would anyone be interested in reading and discussing a book together? There are many blogs that do this…one in particular is Cherry. I can never seem to get signed up on time or keep up…or something so I proposed to myself my own book club. So what do you think??? If I find enough interest, in the next few days, we will pick a book and start on February 1st. We will read and discuss over a month’s time. At the end of the month I will have a drawing from the participants! A little incentive. How does this sound? So if you find this intriguing go here and read more about it and sign up!

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I would be willing to have a go at a book club, I am looking for something new to read!!



Great idea and accountability! ha ha


By the way… your link didn’t work.


I’d love to do a book club!

Count me in! Let me know the details!!!!