I started a new diet today.

Very easy. You start with a nice case of food poisoning. And go from there. I have never in all my 48 years been any sicker than I have been since 1:30 this morning. And now I can add to the things that will never EVER cross these lips again. Fried Chicken, cole slaw and hamburgers. I havent eaten one spoonful of bean with bacon soup since I was 11 years old. I got a stomach virus and ended up in the emergency room shot full of demerol and now just looking at the can makes the back of my mouth water. But as of an hour ago I kept down a popsicle (I dont like popsicles at ALL)and two Tylenol for a killer headache from fever!

Benjamin would make a very good nurse. He stayed right with me all day and took very good care of me. Although he assures me this ability only applies to people he loves. Not strangers. But thankfully he was here.

About the book club: we will wait for you all to get your books. No hurry. It matters not if it is exactly the first. So just let me know when you have your copy and then we will get the ball rolling.

Going back to bed. Talk to you all soon.

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Oh I am so sorry. My son had a horrible case about a month ago, he’s 10, he laid on the couch with tears in his eyes & said: “Am I going to die?” After & big hug I reassured him that he would definitely not die but he also would never eat at Subway again!!

I hope you feel better soon, am waiting for my book to arrive! Am currently reading “The Memoirs of Jane Austen”



Oh Susan, food poisoning is dreadful, I’m so sorry. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Sweet Cottage Dreams

I hope you feel better!! Bean and bacon soup? I can only imagine. yack!



Join the sickie train, it’s at my house now … again…. and well nationwide! UGH! Take care and get well soon and I’ll let you know when my book arrives as it was shipped Monday.

Nicole G.

I feel so bad for you! Wishing you get better soon.


Oh my gosh, what a horrible way to lose weight. I had food poisoning once and it was an experience I’d care never to repeat! Hope you are feeling better soon!


Not a fad diet for sure! Get well soon and get some rest!