Monday Morning Mullygrubs

I don’t particularly like Mondays, but if we didn’t have them Tuesdays would be horrid!  We will be getting a bit of schoolwork finished this morning and then out the door to the allergist.  Benjamin has another rash. No, I am not even kidding.  That young man has such sensitive skin.  This very well may be just dry skin patches but it is really close to his eyes and I don’t feel comfortable “doctoring” it any further without consulting a real doctor.

When we get back we will grab some supper as tonight is the first basketball practice of the season for Benjamin.  I can’t tell if he is excited or not.  He’s a bit like his dad in that you never really know exactly how excited he is.  If he is participating, then he is sufficiently excited I suppose.

Today marks two weeks Husband has been gone.  Not really half way as he has to leave three days early to allow the travel time.  And this little trip we are taking is sneaking on up…10 weeks!

I really an not inspired this morning, I will try to get you a recipe or two typed up.  Until then…have a great Monday! Here is a little glimpse of my organization progress ~


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Oh how I love color-coordinated stacks of fabric. Swoon!



Hate those rashes. We are an allergic bunch here as well, my 10 year old is very fair skinned & is rather prone to rashes. Hope all goes well & this clears up quickly.



Your organization is great! I just love all of the colors, those lavenders of the left are very pretty.

WOW! That is some seriously organized fabric! Good job!!!

It looks like your organizing is going along great. Good for you! I hope the Dr. can figure out what is causing Ben’s rash. Poor guy!

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Hope your Monday got better! Love all the pretty fabric!

Your fabric shelves are wonderful.

I have my fabric stored away in totes. I wish I had the space to display them like you have. I probably would sew more if I did….sigh.

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Looking great! WOW – lots of red ticking – love it!!!


Ohh, I love all your fabrics! How wonderful! I have mine all stored in rubbermaid boxes. I think I’ll have to get my Todd to build me some shelves. They look very nice on display!

What gorgeous and roomy fabric storage.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a kind comment.

Wishing you better quickly and hope that your enforced diet is soon over! x