New Year Resolutions…Old Year Reflections

I really don’t much believe in resolutions. It could be because I am not disciplined enough to keep any. Who am I kidding? I am not disciplined enough to make any!

However, I am going to get my home in order over the next few weeks. It is just a disaster. I am not even kidding about this. Ask someone who visits regularly. Michelle? Oldest Daughter?? I am so inclined to chunk a LOT of junk. It is this time of year where I WANT to revamp my whole existence. I want to organize and clean and throw out. I want to go back and forth about where I want to take my business, if anywhere. Do I want to try and revive it after I pretty much allowed it to die during my mom’s illness and passing? Do I want to open back up January 15th like I posted on my website? Do I REALLY think people cant live without my soap? They can. They have. I will never stop making soap. It is what I do. But what would be wrong with making it for my family and doing an occasional co-op or something? I have been doing this for nearly 20 years. In business for nearly 10. That seems like such a long long time to me. There are things I never get tired of ~ being married to Husband, being Mom to 6 great kids…staying home. But I do get tired of running a business ~~ even if I am only half way running it. I told Oldest Daughter just a few days ago I want to do something different. I just dont know what it is I want to do. Maybe it is that I want to learn to do something else. Or maybe I am just tired and need to not make any decisions at this time.

So here is what I “think” are my resolutions:

  1. Stop with the sugar. I have been completely off sugar before and it felt AMAZING. Well, after my body recovered from withdrawal. I was a sick puppy for about a week and a half…then I felt as good as I have felt in years and years.
  2. Clean up my messy house. EVERY room. Not just the ones other people see.

Okay…that’s enough for today. Don’t want to over do it!

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Hey there! Happy New Year! My one and only resolution right at the moment is to lose the 10 pounds I gained back and maybe 5 more. I feel icky and tired all the time and I know that is why.
I need to clean and throw a bunch away too, and hopefully with the holidays gone I will have time to do it.
Look, if you live in your house its gonna be messy, thats how it is. We get a wild hair from time to time and clean out everything, your wild hair will pop up and then you will get it done. Its not even that bad!
Give me a call today!!!!
Right now I am washing clothes, I have such big plans! ha ha. Mom is cooking the black eyed peas and cabbage and I am going to do a pork loin, gravy and rice.


Don’t stop your soap business – it is a lovely business and I just love the gift pack I bought myself! But then again, I know how busy life can get and how some good things must come to an end. There will just be many unhappy people!


Happy new Year!

I too am cleaning & purging one room at a time. I am a saver & so is my husband & our 2 kids have followed in our footsteps!! We are going to throw out what is truly junk & give away the useful things.

Wishing you bliss in the coming year. May you find that which will be your creative passion for the future.


I am so with you on the messy house and it is driving me CRAZY.

I am not starting on my house until tomorrow, but don’t know if I will go at it the way you are.

Cutting out sugar AND cleaning rooms nobody can see is DRASTIC!!!!!