Que Sera, Sera. Pie anyone?

You folks have no idea how long and hard I have tried to motivate myself to finish even ONE of the 12 cookbooks I have outlined.  NO IDEA!  I think maybe nearly 1o years now.  Good grief.  Anyway apparently it might be another 10 before I am finished.  I get really angry with myself because I really, really want to finish them and I can’t seem to get to the end.  And then of course move onto another set.  I have gone thru titles and themes and back again.  No I have not been diagnosed with any sort of disorder.  Not that I don’t have one, or five, but I have not been diagnosed.  It isnt that I expect to ever be rich and famous or have my own cooking show or a real publisher.  But I would like at least one of those things.  A publisher.  But, frankly, I am not even to the point that I could send in an inquiry.  I would however, like to finish them for posterity’s sake.  I have so many, many recipes that I know when I am gone, my children will want.  Wish for.  Need.  I know there are so many things I would love to make if I had taken the time or had the foresight to ask for the recipe.  My mom,  aunts and grannies and great aunts and great grannies took so much knowledge to their graves.  I don’t want to do that.  This whole weekend I spent reflecting and grieving and thinking, made me even more anxious to “get ‘er done.”

As you may or may not remember we call our little house Rose Cottage.  Shouldnt you name your house?  I thought so too.  Anyway,  I have so much of A Year at Rose Cottage written, only to get side tracked and start a series I hope to complete one day…eventually.  I have much of  NotQuiteJuneCleaver Bakes a Pie! written.  Yeah…I have changed the name a half dozen times, but this has a ring to it don’t you think? I know what I want it to look like.  I have all the recipes together.  I just have to keep testing them, retesting them, proofing them, reproofing them.  And then what?  I don’t know.  Print out a hard copy and send it in.  Send it in where?  I don’t know.  Or just make a copy for each of my kids and call it a day.  Or a decade as the case may be.  Then maybe go on to NotQuiteJuneCleaver Makes a CakeNotQuiteJuneCleaver Bakes Cookies! NotQuiteJuneCleaver Bakes Bread! Sit Down to Supper with NotQuiteJuneCleaver! NotQuiteJuneCleaver Celebrates!

I guess I feel I can share these dreams and ideas with you and you not think I am any crazier than you did before you read this post.  So I will keep plugging along…que sera, sera.

Oh…and in honor of Pie Day tomorrow (come on bake a pie people! – it’s National Pie Day!), here’s a little something you might like:

 Freezing Pies and Pie Crusts Timetable

Baked and unbaked pie shells…………3 months
Fruit Pie Fillings……………..……….6 months
Savory Pot Pie Mixtures……………..6 months
Unbaked Pies……………………….. .4 months
Baked Fruit Pies……………….……6-8 months
Baked chiffon pies and lemon meringue pies without meringue topping can be frozen for up to a month.
Also Note: Don’t cut steam vents in top crusts before ready to bake.
Brush top crusts with egg glaze just before baking rather than before freezing.

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You might look into for publishing. I’ve read about several people doing that recently. I haven’t tried it, but it looks like a good option. Keep up the good work…you’ll get there eventually. Your kids don’t have you on a deadline, that is just pressure you’re putting on yourself. They’ll be grateful for your efforts whenever you are finished! In the meantime, why not ask some of your friends to test your recipes (outside of your home/kitchen) for you, and offer their opinions? That would cut down on the testing you’d need to do.

Oh! I forgot about, another self-publishing company.

I think with the new TasteBooks you can make a book of all your own recipes. And they look so so so pretty. *sigh*
Anyways, I have tons and tons of projects that I desperately want to start/finish/plan for and somehow each day passes and I realize they’re still sitting there, waiting for me to realize their importance. And each day almost, I make a firm resolve to get stuff done. *double sigh*

on a happier note, tomorrow is national pie day? how did i not know that?


I have a question. While my mother-in-law was here at Thanksgiving, she made some pies. She made extra pie crust dough and froze it in these separate pats in my freezer. Can you tell me how I should use them and how long they will keep in the freezer? Your directions will be MUCH easier to follow than hers. That’s why I’m asking you. And because I know you are the queen of the kitchen and you know the answers. Thanks!

Tamera & Lucy! Thanks so much for the info!

Rebekah! The pie dough will last about 3 months if tightly sealed (see chart above). And let it thaw in the frig. Then out on the counter till it is rollable (is that a word??). And just use as you normally would. Next time buy some disposable pie pans, go ahead and roll them out and put in the pans, wrap the pans well with plastic wrap and then into a zipper bag. This way you dont have to thaw and all that! Just take it out, let it come to room temp and proceed.

I hope this is enough info…if not let me know.

A lady after my own heart. I’ve been stalled on my own writing project too. We’ll get there, though. Oh and check out


Thank you so much for the frozen pie dough info—you are a sweetie!!! I hope you are having a lovely day. I so enjoy your blog.

OH Susan you sound so much like me it’s uncanny! I almost have my first cookbook finished. (been saying that for a couple of years now, but this time I mean it!) I also have about a thousand other’s waiting in the queue in my head to be written! Like you I am lacking in the one thing I need most and that is a publisher. I haven’t really looked to be honest. another problem…where to start looking! Oh, if dreams were wishes beggars would ride . . .