Bowling is FUN!



I had forgotten how much fun!  We had a great time.  Two of of our three older kids and their spouses came along so it was 10 of us bowling for a bit and then the birthday boy and his friend wanted to go play in the arcade while we bowled a little more.  I actually got warmed up the last game.  WOW my shoulders were aching last night!  Havent flung a bowling ball in probably 15 years!  The bowling alley supplied the cake and ice cream and drinks plus a bowling pin with Ben’s name and for all of us to sign.  I took one VERY bad picture before my camera battery died but thankfully our daughter in law had the good sense to bring hers!!! Or we would have NO pictures.  She will be emailing them to me and I will post a couple.  Maybe even one with me in it!

I posted this in the comments on the “Next Book Club Selection” post but thought I might better put it here as well…

We will start it as soon as we are thru with this one. Should be 3 weeks since there are 10 chapters…3 the first week, three the second week…4 the last week…so we are to finish the book this week and hopefully Friday do a big discussion before starting Jane the next weekend – say Saturday the 1st of March and starting that discussion on Friday March 7th. I actually have a set of questions to go along with Persuasion. I hope that is okay. It is divided into 24 chapters so I suppose we will read 8 a week as I have to finish up in March – leaving the 6th of April. When I return I will get back in the swing of things…I am thinking something more current for variety’s sake…how does that sound???

So many of you have asked about the candles…I will be posting how to purchase them this next week.  Also if you want a catalogue, I am giving away 25 free ones so if you will send me your name and address to notquitejunecleaver (at) I will be sure you get one as long as they last.  It is looking pretty good and should print next week.  I will be filling orders up until the week before I leave so if you need something for Mother’s Day you might want to order soon as I won’t have time when I return to get it to you before the holiday.  

That’s about it for this morning…not much cooking going on around here so no great recipes.  We will be making Mexican tomorrow for all the kids (all six of them plus spouses!) so I will post our recipes after that.  

Monday we are off to the city…fabric store, Home Depot and drs visits.  We have to have paper prescriptions for our trip plus I am going to try to get a  prescrip for a few Valium for my two 9 hour plane rides – I so do NOT love to fly. 

Have a great weekend and see you soon! 

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