Can I talk to you a minute about candles?

Just about everyone I know loves candles. But I bet in recent years you have also heard the dangers of burning paraffin based candles? So what’s a great alternative? SOY!!! But again, not all soy candles are created equal! Did you also know that soy wax candles can be called soy candles even if they are as little as 25% soy? However, my soy candles are made from Non-Toxic, Biodegradable & Environmentally Safe Soy wax! It contains NO pesticides or herbicides and is NOT from genetically modified crops! Choose 100% soy – our environmentally friendly wax is guaranteed to contain NO petroleum!

Now, having said all that…are these not A-dorable????


If you don’t think you can live without one, two or a half dozen of these candles…let me know, I can probably hook you up!

By the way…I am NUTS about bees and beehives and beeskeps – all things bee related!

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THOSE are perfect…I will for sure be contacting you! Cute cute cute!


That is the cutest thing I have seen in a while. The color is wonderful. Have you read The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kid. I bet you have if not it’s a must for you I would think 🙂


I love it! How can I get a few of those? I think they would make great Mother’s Day/Birthday presents =)

Oh Susan, you and I are of one mind. I Love bees, honey, bee skips, anything to do with bees and I absolutely adore that candle!

I will be posting how to order in a few days…waiting on my boxes for them to arrive. I want to offer them “gift ready”. Thanks so much for your lovely comments!

Oh that is adorable. I gotta check out your products.

Too cute! I can vouch that Susan make the BEST soy candles!!!!!

Patricia Herman

I am definitely interested in purchasing some of those candles. I love soy candles and the picture of yours is so cute. Please let us know when we can order.


Hello Susan, what cute candles! I too am all about bees, honey, bee skeps, etc. So how about some beeswax candles?

i MUST have a few of these! if there’s a list, PLEASE put my name on it!

Oh, how WONDERFUL!!! I love bees, too! I have an enormous stockpile of candles…lol…but I’ll know who to ask when they’re all gone!

Hey! I have one of these! It is my FAVORITE…I’m wondering why you haven’t sold out of those!!!