Good morning!

Or “gooder” any way! My tummy is not quite as spongy as yesterday morning but I still dont think I can eat anything very heavy…which is not really a bad thing. I am feeling well enough to do some more cleaning today I think. My little niece will be here this evening for the weekend and I have been informed that there will be a cooking show made if at all possible.

My very lovely copy of Mr & Mrs Cugat came in the mail!


I think everyone has theirs ordered so lets set a date of February 6th to begin. This gives all those who have ordered from amazon a chance to get it. It sometimes takes a few days.

I really am VERY far behind around here so I won’t stick around bending your ears (or eyes I suppose). I will be back over the weekend…hopefully caught up with my housework and with something interesting to tell! Have a wonderful weekend. I mean it!

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I hope that mine comes today!!!



My order from was canceled for some reason. :o( I doubt that I will be able to find another copy soon enough so I think I will have to sit out of the book club this month. *sniff, sniff*


Mine has not shown up yet 🙁 Ordered through Amazon – but one of their private sellers so I hope it gets here soon!!



So glad to see you are feeling a bit better.

My copy has been shipped, but has not yet arrived. So glad Susan that –1. You are feeling better and 2. You’ve decided to wait till Feb 6th to start the book club! I will let you know as soon as my copy arrives. 🙂

Kim Pebley

I also ordered from Amazon from a private seller.. it should be here by the 6th.. can’t wait.. how does this work are we reading the same amount of pages and then commenting I guess I missed the details.. LOL .. I have been working 7 days and a little brain dead.
Kim in Havasu

Glad you’re feeling a bit better. Take it easy. Looking forward to the 6th.

Yay! My copy came today and it looks PRECIOUS! I am so excited to start! Feel better!


My book came today!!!!