Good old days…hmmmm…

I  normally think we have pretty much gone past “the best of times” but I am about to introduce you to something I read this evening that just proves some things ARE really better now. OH SO MUCH better. Since 99.9999% of the people who read this blog are female I don’t believe this is the least bit off putting but just in case you want to forgo a history lesson in feminine hygiene don’t read the rest…

Okay, I was reading thru some vintage magazines this evening and mostly looking at advertising. I am looking for some colorful ads to frame. So I am reading along and there is and ad for Lysol…and how wonderful it is for…ummm…feminine cleansing! I am not EVEN kidding you! I read it several times with different inflections and yep…it is advertised as being wonderful for a douche~and I do not mean French for a shower! And now available in pine scent. OH MY GOODNESS! I was just so stunned. The ad says it is better than vinegar and water! Oh, you dont believe me do you! Well look at this! See! I told you!


It hurts me ALL OVER to think of it.  And PINE SCENTED!!! I thought some of the scents now were a bit odd…but WOW! Well, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share this with you.  God Bless the makers of Massingill and all its flowery, powdery goodness!!

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Oh my word, well I never! I cannot imagine anyone actually using this for that purpose! One shudders at the thought!

You know I don’t think I’d ever use it personally but my dad and grandfather have used it for years on the farm. Anytime an animal needed assistance during labor it was what was used to clean the animal after being “violated” by human hands. They still use it today for cleansing many surfaces of farm animals. However, I’ll stick to more natural products. This one certainly isn’t.

OH. My. Goodness.

That is insane.

I think I will just use my Lysol for door knobs and toilet seats thankyouverymuch!


We can only hope that the ingredients were different back then! ha ha

oh i don’t know……my nether region devoid of e. coli and other nasty bacteria sounds good to me!

YES! i’m kidding


Isn’t that the craziest? It’s funny to see some of the old ads…

My eyebrows have now jutted up to my hairline. Yikes.


Ok, I wanted to stop by while I was waiting between times to run the roads. You and I know each other all to well so I am sure you can read my mind on this subject. SO I will keep it clean– no pun intended!
Some things in life are not meant to smell of pine! And if you need lysol in that area…… you should see a doctor!!!!! EWWWWWWWWWWWWW! You would have to be pretty bad off to need to go to that extreme! I would have loved to have seen your face while you were reading that for the first time! LOL

Too gruesome! Although… When I was in my late teens I stayed at a hostel and one of the other girls added a capful of dettol disinfectant to her bath every day. This was in the late 70’s.

i yi! yi! double yike -azoids!(o.k. this post just made me invent a new phrase it scared me so bad..eeek!..ha) Can’t imagine anyone doing that with lysol.
oh my word!
Anyhow..stopping by also to invite you to come join in the give away drwing over on my blog if you’d like.


Well, that adds all new meaning to the term “bush” & pine scented now doesn’t it!!???



Oh my goodness. This makes me very happy to live in the here and the now. Lysol, sheesh.

Amazing you found this ad… and Scary! … “doctor approved methods”… ;o) wow..

That woman certainly looks cool, calm and dainty – not like her crotch is one fire with Listerine!

Isn’t dainty a great word – we need to bring it back.

Absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!! I wouldn’t have believed it, had I not seen it with my own eyes! Thank goodness we have a bit more sense these days! 🙂

Good night! I have never heard of such a thing. I could think of nothing more disturbing than using Lysol for that purpose. And how on earth would you explain that new pine scent? Gee willikers.

My legs involuntarily crossed as I read that ad. /shudder

unbelievable! Thanks for sharing!