Husband's Apron

Yep, you read that right. I mean, come on, he cooks more than I do. He needs at least one apron. I whipped him up this one that’s reversible. We were in the city yesterday doing errands and getting his last Hep shot for overseas and he says he wants me to make him an apron. I said SURE…pick out some fabric…here are the results. Thanks for modeling Rachel, he was too busy building bookshelves to try it on. The ties are webbing and close in the back with a buckle. Pretty cool huh?



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hahaha this is awesome!

Very handsome apron. Good for your husband. . . man enough to wear one too. My hub has no problem grabbing an apron and helping me out either!!



Great aprons Susan. I tried to get Todd to wear an apron the other night, but he wasn’t having it! Too macho? Maybe my flowery ones didn’t quite cut the mustard. One like this just might do the trick!


So this is the apron in question? Can I tell you, I think it’s actually pretty neat. I know my husband would wear it!! LOL!

That’s so great. My husband would love to have something in the kitchen that had no girl factor at all.

Guess I need to add some men’s aprons to my catalogue before it goes to print!


My husband would be so proud to have a “man” apron. Very cool!