I Wear An Apron and I Vote!

Just thought some of you might like to use one of these on your blog. I am not about to get political on you so don’t worry about that…however I do think its important to exercise our right to vote regardless of who it is for – not that it doesn’t matter to me who you vote for – it matters to me a great deal! And I have VERY strong opinions (BIG surprise!! HA HA) about almost everything political…but I think this might not be the place to discuss it! So here are some bloggy things for you…




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I love this! If I can figure how to link it I’ll do it! Thanks!


I’m loving them!

I’m going to have one added to my blog by evening. 🙂 Thank you!


How cute! I’m going to grab some to use, thanks! ; )

I love these! I’d seen one somewhere and couldn’t remember where so found you with good ole Google. &:o) Love your blog!