Next Book Club Selection!

Persuasion by Jane Austen!


If you do not want to buy a copy…which I cannot imagine you not wanting her whole collection, but to each her own, here is a place to read online…


“How quick come the reasons for approving what we like.”
——- Jane Austen, Persuasion

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Ooh I love Jane Austen. I recently re-read Pride and Prejudice and would love a reason to re-read Persuasion. When will you start and can I join? Love the jacket design of your copy.

We will start it as soon as we are thru with this book. In about 3-4 weeks…trying to then finish Persuasion in the same length of time or less and YES you are more than welcome!


Yahoo! I am so excited about the next book choice – I love Jane Austen and haven’t read this particular novel of hers yet. It will be a grand spring! Looking forward to it!



Love Jane Austen!!


Ohh, now this I CAN do! Great choice!


Oh, I want to play!
I’ve got this book somewhere on my shelves, among my hundreds of books, somewhere, hmmmm I wonder where?


I’ll find it and be ready to start. I’ve heard much about Jane Austen and seen one or two of her movies. I just haven’t gotten around to reading her works.

God bless!
Laura of Harvest Lane

Ok, I hope I’m not contributing to cheating here, but you can also get the chapters via audiobook for free online here:

If we’re allowed to, can I listen along with you guys? I have no time for reading right now, but I’ve got hours upon hours of listening time I can devote to it… 🙂


Thank you Mrs. Stepford, that’s an intriguing idea.
When do you you plan to begin Miss “Not Quite”?


I realized I havent answered you Mrs. S – of course you can join…the audio is a very good idea for those of us soooo busy! I might do that myself!

We will start it as soon as we are thru with this one. Should be 3 weeks since there are 10 chapters…3 the first week, three the second week…4 the last week…so we are to finish the book this week and hopefully Friday do a big discussion before starting Jane the next weekend – say Saturday the 1st of March and starting that discussion on Friday March 7th. I actually have a set of questions to go along with Persuasion. I hope that is okay. It is divided into 24 chapters so I suppose we will read 8 a week as I have to finish up in March – leaving the 6th of April. When I return I will get back in the swing of things…I am thinking something more current for variety’s sake…how does that sound???

I’m glad you posted this link. Maybe I can get my book club to read it.