No Reservations Movie Review

as promised…though VERY brief…more of a promotion than review (not much time this morning!)


I loved it.  And so did Husband.  Lovely little romantic movie, ends well…VERY well.  Starts out sad with a death in the family and never lets you forget that is what brought them all together.  Rent it or better yet buy it…you WILL want to watch it more than once!

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What a wonderful addition to the list of fabulous foodie flicks! I watched this on Friday night/Saturday morning and loved that it had a happy ending. Very sweet and well done.

A love in the kitchen so romantic…I like the story which eventually developed in the kitchen between the two chief…They like cat and dog in the first encounter then became a lovers…

Good to hear this. I have it on my Netflix quene so I’m happy it’s a keeper.



Oh, this does sound good. I’ll have to check it out for sure. Not sure Todd would like it though. He is sick to death of me watching food television and food television cloaked in romance…well I just think I’ll have to keep him in the dark and spring it on him when he’s least expecting it!

So far, I have watched it two times.

I loved it !!!

It could be my next ” watch when I am alone on weekends” movie.

I am glad you loved it also.



Just watched it the other night. Definitely a must see movie and good for the whole family too =)

Oh, I have been wanting to see this!!! Soon, I hope!