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Oh my word, I just love, love, LOVE the stripey pasta! It’s gorgeous. The asparagus looks pretty good too!

Did you make the pasta? And yes, I do think you could make something like that.

If you didn’t, where did you get it? I love it !!

Very pretty picture.


I am flattered, but no I didnt make it. Husband and I have all intentions of learning to make pasta but this remodel has really put a damper on our cooking “classes”. I bought it at World Market. I went in to buy some gnocchi for Chicken Toscana Soup and said “oooooo!” and had to have a box. I sauted some chicken breasts, whipped up a pretty delicious cream sauce (that I quite likely will never be able to duplicate) to put over the pasta. Then just as the pasta was ready, I threw the asparagus on top of the chicken breasts, put the lid on and let it steam until they were bright. We like our asparagus crunchy. It was a pretty good supper actually.

i simply MUST have some of that pasta! so pretty and bright! and paired with the asparagus and chicken? a meal fit for kings, i’ll bet!
yum! yum! yum!

oh i agree, gorgeous pasta. now i have to make a trip to world market!! i love that place by the way. i am always hanging out for ages in the food section. inexpensive spices too. and oh i love my curly wurly’s!!!

I have never seen pasta like that–yummy. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE asparagus.