Sunday, Busy Sunday

We are having most of our family here for supper today. Oldest daughter and husband can’t make it but there will still be a crowd. Husband got up at 6:30 to start the chili and then I will get in the kitchen and make my dessert. After much thought we decided a HUGE pot of chili with homemade tortilla chips should be enough so we won’t make the enchiladas until another time. Which is fine with me – I have to find time today to work on my catalogue.

It seems some of you are having trouble finding my April in Paris Blog so I moved all the posts to my TRAVELS page which can be accessed in the top menu. Hope this helps. Honestly, I was having trouble keeping up with both blogs ~ NO ONE needs three blogs to tend to…especially not me!

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. And if you are in the book club be sure to finish up the book this week so we can move on to Jane Austen! I have thoroughly enjoyed Mr and Mrs Cugat and will place it in my bookshelf and read it again!

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I ordered the Jane Austin book yesterday from Amazon, so hopefully will have it soon and be able to begin reading! I have three blogs too. One I post on every day, one every couple of days and then one I post on maybe once a week. It is hard to keep up all three on a daily basis so I would not even try!

I thought it was just me that could not find the Paris blog, lol !!

Thank you for moving it for people like me. I am going there now to catch up.