What a FINE Friday!

It is a beautiful morning here…the sunshine is so welcome after what seemed like a very dreary 3 weeks.  I know when Husband calls this morning the first thing he will say is “Good Morning, 4 more wake ups.”  He leaves work on Tuesday of next week and will get to the airport here, Thursday night.  He seemed a bit out of sorts yesterday morning.  The last week of work is the worst.  So ready to come home and the days seem longer the more anxious he gets.  Plus evidently, not everyone has his work ethic.  DUH. He is anxious to get home and get busy on the last leg of the living room remodel.  He told me he thought it would be a while before he started another room.  For one thing he won’t come home next time because we will be going there!!!! And I think he has had his fill of carpentering for a bit.  Yes, we leave in just 8 very short weeks!  Can that be right??? WOW.  I will be posting over at April in Paris later today. 

Okay, remember the macaroons I raved about? I think I might have failed to mention the allergy issue I had after eating them.  I am VERY allergic to almonds but you know, I had to eat one or three anyway.  Death by Macaroon…sounds like a cozy mystery novel!  And I havent forgotten I am supposed to post a tutorial so I will try to do that soon too.  Anywho, I am planning to make them with a different nut flour to see how that works for me.  I have macadamia, pecan, hazelnut and brazil nut.  So…I will see what I can come up with.  I know I can eat pecans so maybe I will try that first.  I thought I might make them on Wednesday to have some for Husband when he comes home and also I plan to make him a cake.  Don’t know what yet but probably German Chocolate or Italian Cream, both favorites of his.  

Today however, I am finishing the aprons so I can get them in the mail this weekend.  AND keeping Grandson Sam.  I think we might have little birthday bash for him on Sunday since his birthday was last week and we didnt get to be with him.  I will make him some cupcakes and we will do a little party.  

OH and I wanted to mention that there is a Dahlem’s Soapworks co-op (reduced prices) going on and if you want to know more or are interested in buying thru it just email me at notquitejunecleaver (at) and I will get you in contact with the hostess.  She has done several of these and with great success!  

I better get busy…aprons to make, book to read(check out the book club page)….grandson to play with, school to do…gonna be a busy Friday!  Here’s a picture for your viewing pleasure:


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I hope you are enjoying your busy weekend!!


Oh, you sound so very happy and busy. I Love macaroons so may have to give these a go! April in Paris, the city of love. What a wonderful time you will have! I keep wanting to go over for a weekend with my Todd, but the timing just never seems to be right. I hope it is everything you hope for and more!