WOW! Wednesday already??? And anyone interested in…

a forum?  Would you like/use one?  I have been thinking of it for a while.   Leave me a comment if you think you might like a forum…message board, whatever you like to call them.

AND Where oh Where did Monday and Tuesday go?  OHHH that’s right, I had Grandson!  That is one busy little boy.  Plus Benjamin is under the weather with a sore throat so my days have been pretty full of being Mom and Grandma.

I have not felt very inspired in the blogging area for the past few days.  Too much going on to think about writing, you know?

I hope all the book club participants are enjoying the book.  See you on Friday over at the Book Club page to discuss!

OHHHH…I forgot…I have a couple of new apron photos to share!



Can you tell I am liking the FLOUNCY aprons A LOT!!??

Better run…do let me know about the forum…I think it would be fun!

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Can I tell you how much I love, *love*, *LOVE* the black apron? If I saw that somewhere for sale, I’d buy it in a flash. That’s so trendy and classic at the same time, and the color is amazing. It’s positively delishious looking!!

I love it!! 😀

Well….you know where you can order one from dont you???? Just click on the link at the top of the page that says Aprons…and tell me what you like! Not saying I could make one JUST like it…but I could get close. I live in a one horse town and sometimes my fabric choices are limited…however I do make trips into the city and can usually find what I need there. So if you simply MUST have one…

Those aprons are absolutely gorgeous! I especially love the polka dotted one, but then I am a sucker for polka dots!

I meant the purple one, but then having looked again, I LOVE the cherries too!!! Choices, choices . . .

Well then, I will just *have* to order that apron style! I did peek at your link, and I’m such an apron noob (aka “newbie”) that I’ve no idea what type of apron that is… Could you drop me an email giving me all the needed details, and I’ll happily, happily order one from you.

In fact, if you can make same apron, only as a full apron with the bib made out of that spectacular black polka-dot… I swear, I’d be in high heaven! That would be the apron of my ~*dreams*~ !!


I’ve got a great little story for you!

In my infinite wisdom yesterday, I ran out of the house with my gorgeous cherry apron on. While I was at my local baking supply store I was stopped 4 times by people asking me where I got my apron and if they can buy them. I pointed all of them to your blog, because I couldn’t remember the apron site, and told them to go to the aprons! section. I hope they all buy from you. And I really do love my aprons!! Thank you SO much again!!