A Case of Nerves

Just a bit.  I realized I dont have any idea how to get from our hotel to the train station that will take us to Chartres to pick up our car at the Hertz office that I dont know how to get to from the train station assuming we find the one in Paris.  Does that sound insane?  Yeah, it does to me too. And frankly it feels insane as well.

Part of a conversation between Husband and I:

Husband: Look, stop worrying about this.  We will figure it out when we get there.  

Me: Are you kidding me?  Figure it out when we get there! This isnt Paris Texas or Paris Arkansas.  This is Paris FRANCE. 

Husband: I have all the faith in the world in you.  You have never left a thing undone.  You will have all this ironed out in you mind and on paper before you leave.  That is why YOU are doing this part of the planning.  You are good at this.  The details.   

Me: You have faith in me.  You have FAITH in me!  You say that NOW but how are you going to feel when we are standing in the wrong terminal, with the wrong tickets for the wrong train going to the wrong city quite possibly on the wrong day????

Husband: Let’s talk about something else.  You are losing it.  Let’s talk about how cool it will be to see the Eiffel Tower for the first time.  Or stand in front of the Louvre or eat our first real French baguette.  You know the important parts of this trip.   The worse thing that can happen is we have to get other train tickets.  

Me: Okay.  It will be amazing wont it? 

He really isnt worried in the least.  He never is or if he is, it never shows.  I guess I should be thankful both of us are not insane at the same time.  Poor kids would be trying to figure all this out and drag two blubbering idiots around a foreign city by themselves.   

Now a lovely picture for you: 


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I’m sure the people at your hotel will be able to help you out with anything you forget or are not sure about. Enjoy your trip and the time leading up to it. It’ll all work out, I’m sure.


I also think you will be fine. Just be very careful in Paris. There are tons of pick pockets. Wear a money belt. Some friends of mine had their money and their passports stolen. I have seen it often. Have a wonderful trip! Bon Voyage!

one word: taxi; they’re sure to be around. And ENJOY YOUR VACATION!


If you are arriving via the Orly airport – there is something called the “Orlybus” that you pick up right outside the terminal. It will take you to just about anywhere in Paris. If you walk right outside the terminal and take a left, there is a little Kiosk there for it and they will let you know which bus to take to get to your hotel.

If you are arriving via the Charles de Galle airport, I believe there is a train station adjacent to the airport.

Hope this helps.

You’ll be just fine. I have faith in you too!! Ohh, when you are in Chartres you really must check out the Cathedral there. It’s amazing! This is the trip of a lifetime. Let worry take care of itself! You just enjoy it all, every single minute of it!

There is an amazing underground train setup in Paris, that can take you anywhere. No traffic to worry about or the maze of buildings, shops, streets, etc. There are always many helpful people who will be happy to help a traveller.

As a woman, if all else fails, just cry and look lost. The male species still can’t help themselves and must assist a damsel in distress. And women can’t help themselves ~ they make their men respond to a damsel in distress. Just hold open a map and let the tears pour forth. Heh heh heh, that’s a last resort though.

I have never heard of someone who got SO lost they never made it back; so relax and enjoy yourself. You WILL find your way around, there WILL be people to help you and sometimes, when you are lost you get to see the neatest things and meet the nicest people!

Bon voyage!!

You’ll do fine. The train routes are all color coded and there are easy to read maps in all the trains. You can also purchase day tickets for the double decker buses. They used to run on 30 minute intervals to all the major tour sites.
Also, driving over there isn’t so bad if you know the basic signs. My best advice for driving there is to avoid downtown Paris. It gets a bit crazy, or I should say a lot crazy.
You are going to have the best time!!