A Little Something I Made…


We needed luggage tags and LOTS of them.  And the only really cute ones I found were ridiculously expensive for the little use they will get over time.  So I found some self-sealing laminating pouches at Wal-Mart in size 4×6 (I want to see them from a distance), some little chains and I already had TONS of scrapbooking papers,  grommets and pliers.   Above are the results.  And I am going to wrap the handles of each piece of luggage in bright aqua duct tape (don’t you LOVE all the colors duct tape is available in??) – that should help with the identification at a bit of a distance. I will post a picture when I get one finished.

I did all of this to pass part of the time of husband’s flight across the big blue ocean…11 hours!  I know, I know I could have been cleaning my VERY neglected house or folding the mountain of laundry but I felt more inclined to use my powers for good last night.  I talked to him about 20 minutes ago and he is “in country”.  The next time I see him, if all goes well and as planned, will be in Paris!  I honestly never thought I would say that!  Have a terrific Tuesday, I am going to get some work done both school and house and make a bunch of soap and I will talk to all you happy people a bit later!  

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How very clever of you, the luggage tags are practical and adorable and the aqua duct tape is another brilliant idea.

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing… and I’m going to do this too!

Have a wonderful trip. Paris is so beautiful.

you are just amazing! that is the smartest idea ever! jeezzzzz-where were you when I was on vacation last year??

These tags are brillant. I plan to make my own for vacation this summer. Thank you for the suggestion. I love it!!!

What a fantastic idea!!! Those are definitely something worth selling in your store, I’d say!!!

Oooh! Paris isn’t far away now, is it!!!??!

Well Martha isnt that a bit of an idea…maybe a little something to add to the shoppe later!

Thanks for the compliments everyone…they did turn out pretty cute.

Well, aren’t those clever? Great idea you talented, creative lady you!!

Have a most wonderful time in Paris.



Those tags are so cute! What a great idea!

And I had NO IDEA that duct tape came in COLORS! Duct tape around here comes from hubby’s work van, and he must be into traditional silver. I think I need a field trip to the hardware store.

Kim 🙂

those are wayyy cute! hey..posted directions on my blog for creating faux case you are interested.

What lovely tags!! I adore them! I, too, had no idea that duct tape came in colours! I got to find me some of that!