And Back Topsy Again! Plus Apron Giveaway News! OH, And a Photo, TOO!

I told you all the change in Husband’s plans would most likely change again. Again no evidence that it will ever be any different. What a busy weekend we had. And now this morning I will drive Husband to the airport. I really have no clue as to the real reason he ended up not going to the meetings but the story we got was couldn’t get plane tickets. With a WHOLE 1/2 day notice??? Well, why not?? Geez. Anywho, I am happy they couldn’t as long as they don’t know try to mess with our vacation. Only time will tell. Worse case scenario, he will have to make his way to Aberdeen Scotland for a couple of days somewhere in the middle of things. Could be we might just tag along. All that will have to be decided later. Right now I just have to get him off to work safe and sound on my end of things. It is going to be a busy week my dear friends!

Now about this cutie pie apron! I will close the entries on Wednesday and try to get it out by the weekend! I am finishing up a HUGE soap co-op (I hope some of you took advantage of – I posted on here about it a few weeks back). Then on Thursday I have an interesting trip planned. My oldest little brother is in a play at the Shreveport Little Theater and I am taking a retired English teacher of ours. She keeps up with my brother (and I am sure many of her students) because he has become an actor and she is all about it. Anyway, she called to be sure I saw an article in the paper where the writer gave my brother high marks in his review. I just couldn’t help it…I could tell she wanted so badly to go and at her age I doubt she drives much and if she does, she probably shouldn’t in the city. So…I said “Look, Mrs. D., why don’t you go with me and the children?” Her response: “OH CHILD, Would you allow me to go with you???”. She was just thrilled. Of course I said I insisted she go. Mrs. D. is very eccentric and many folks don’t know how to appreciate her. But at what I figure is 83-84 ( a woman never tells her age and should be insulted if anyone asks – a quote from her) years young, she has earned the right to be as eccentric as she pleases. Besides, when I am that age, there is no telling what I will be like! I am looking forward to this trip and believe it will be one I never forget! I am expecting a good time to be had by all.

There are a couple more things on my calendar but at this early hour I cant remember what they are! However this apron will not take long to whip up and get in the mail to the winner. So…deadline is Wednesday!

Now a picture just for pleasure:


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Aaargh! How could you be so cruel as to post that blossom when some of us are still in the throes of winter!! That is SO unfair! I spent Saturday night bailing out sewage (NOT raw) from our basement when a record rainfall swept over the ice and snow… and backed up everything. It was lovely. Just lovely. Now, Mother Nature, can’t we PLEASE see spring???

The pear blossom is lovely ­čÖé *Thanks* for the giveaway!

That is so sweet. I love that you’re giving your teacher a ride to to the play. I hope you all have a wonderful time! The photo is beautiful too!

Could you please add my name to the giveaway?! I’d love to win a totally cute apron (maybe it would inspire me to cook a little more?)! Thanks!

That blossom gives me hope. Here in Ohio, we were just pounded with a foot of snow and it’s snowing again today. I can’t wait for spring!

My husband travels every week and the airlines are forever messing up his flights and tickets too!

I enjoyed seeing your blooming pear tree. I would love to see anything blooming in our state right now. A little “green” would be a nice change from all the “white” we still have on the ground.



Hi! Please forgive me if you posted already on where to tell you that I’d like to be entered in your drawing but I kept scrolling and saw only that you are always tempting us about it! ha ha Seriously though I would love to be in your drawing! By the way, I’m really enjoying the book club too and finishing up chapter 10 today! Have a great week!

Kim Pebley

Oh how beautiful the picture…. I have a few collected aprons from various people.. I would love to add another! I always wear one when I bake. Thank you for sharing.
Kim in Havasu

I really need an apron, add me in!

oh i do wish something around here was starting to bloom! what a sweetie you are, i know you will making this teachers day by taking her. and its so sweet she keeps up with her students