Asparagus Peeking Out


I actually took this one!  Yeah for me! We have been documenting some of the Springy things around here for husband and  this is one in particular I liked.

We left the game early last night due to tummy troubles.  Pizza after 7pm may not be the best choice for my kids.   But we were tired and happy to see our house when we got home.  We did a little more book shopping.  Paperbacks for the trip/plane rides.

That’s about it…nothing much going on except rain here.  It is after all almost April…and the rains will begin!  I will set out some tomato plants in the next couple of days and hope it rains enough to keep them alive while we are gone.  If not I will just replant when I get back.  We are going to miss our garden this year.  But I think it’s worth it!

Now one more Spring picture I took. I love the haziness in the trees.  This wisteria  is on the NW corner of our fence.  Those are little pink fairy roses running up to the wisteria.  I might miss getting pictures of them all together this year.  They usually bloom mid April.


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I loved asparagus. It’s one of my favourite things about spring. We have a wisteria in our garden, but Todd cut the whole thing down last year. All we ever got from it was green leaves and maybe one blossom. Sad really. I was really annoyed with him! I liked the green!

LOVE the wisteria! Beautiful!!

sooooooooooooooo jealous of your greenery… sighhh… beautiful pic of the asparagus too!!!