Is it REALLY Thursday already???

How did this happen? Where was I when Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday flew past? In just 4 short VERY short days I will drive Husband back to the airport to go to work. When I think of the fact that he will not see his happy home for 3 long months, I realize the sacrifice he is making to take us to France for this much anticipated vacation. I don’t think I would do it. But as he always says, “I love home, but my home is where ever you and the kids are.” I think he might have to rethink that after this trip. Home is where your bed is. Your table and chairs. Your garden. All those familiar, favorite things. Not only is this a huge in terms of time, it is just as huge in the use of his hard earned money. So yes, he loves us. A lot.

I realized after talking again to the home owner day before yesterday, that we are going to be at a great disadvantage not knowing much French. I do however (maybe not well) know how to say ” Bonjour. J’ai besoin de la clef de maison s’il vous plait.” This might get me the house key we will need. I sincerely hope so.  I am told the neighbor who holds the key for us does not speak English.  But expecting her to is rather silly, now isnt it?  You know what?  We will manage.  And manage well.  I am going to believe this.  Not need to get frightened now.  I have several pocket translators and I am reassured time and again that if we will make the effort, the French people will go out of their way to help us in anyway they can.  To say this will be a learning experience is quite the understatement.  I am however writing necessary phrases down in my own hand (I remember things much MUCH better if I write them down, to keep with me at all times.  One thing I have to remember is not to jump into a conversation without first saying “Bonjour!”.  This is considered very rude.  You know how you walk up to a clerk in a store and start with “Can you please tell me where______ is?” – not done.  Nope.

I will be posting more pictures of the lovely book shelves/cabinets.  We have decided to let them “cure” for a couple of weeks before placing the books back.  So I will show you the finished work and then when they are all loaded, I will show you more!

I must get busy.

Au revoir!

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