My Thoughts on Aprons…pssss and a GIVEAWAY!!!

Aprons hold a special place on my list of “favorite things”. I can’t remember not using an apron. I believe going into the kitchen without an apron is like going into town naked…it shouldn’t be done!

Aprons not only protect your clothes but they give you a sense of purpose, a tool of my trade, if you like. And for me, a apron brings up the sweetest memories of times I spent in the kitchen with the women I love. My grannies, aunts, my mom, my daughters and one day maybe my granddaughters. Who knows maybe even great granddaughters! There is a peg in my kitchen where my favorite aprons hang and with them hangs the first apron I ever wore. A tiny little apron made especially for me by my great grandmother when I was but a year old.  What a treasure! Its almost as if my great grandmother knew straight-away who I would be one day…a wife, mother, grandmother…one who cooks and bakes almost every day. Oh, and occasionally I make someone else a special apron.

I just got the sweetest patterns in the mail. Both are copyrighted so I can’t make and sell these aprons, but I think it would be perfectly fine for me to make one and give it away. Especially if I share with you where you can buy the pattern for yourself. I have emailed the pattern maker to be sure it is okay, and if it is, well I will make one for one last give away before my big adventure to France.

Now if for some reason using the pattern in this way is a no-no, then I will make one from my own patterns…in any event, this is an announcement for a Giveaway! I will be working on the apron next week so stay tuned for pictures! If you want to be entered in this giveaway just leave me a comment saying so and I will add your name to that famous Mason jar! When you wonder what the apron will look like, think “Sweet”. That’s all for today. 



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I am just discovering the joy of aprons aprons!


Enter me please! I need an apron in the worst way!