Music, French, photos…

There were so many pictures taken yesterday so I had Rachel pick her favorite for me to post.


You know, my old eyes just knows it clearer. She went into all sorts of explanations using words I had either never heard or heard and promptly forgot. But suffice it to say she is more than thrilled with the new camera. And yes indeed the lens fit and work wonderfully.

I got up early this morning to work on my French so when Husband calls I can answer Bonjour! And carry on a brief conversation with him for practice. He asked me almost every time we talk if I am practicing. I have to admit this week…not so much. Lots of extra kiddies hanging around.

Here is a pic of Sam in his Richard Thompson beret.


If you don’t know who Richard Thompson is go to his website and look him up…definitely worth a listen. I don’t think it is on his website but he did a cover of Britney Spear’s Toxic and it is terrific! Also Yael Naim has covered Toxic that is haunting at the very least! You might know Yael from her song used in the new Mac commerical…I’m a New Soul. Yeah, I have an odd/eclectic taste in music. When I am driving I most always listen to either my French lessons (if I am by myself) or NPR. At home…well whatever is open in ITunes…from 50’s to Sexy Back and everything in between. I especially have developed a fondness for The Pierces. Do yourself a favor and scroll down and read their bio. And of course don’t forget Sam’s mom’s band… Sons of William.

Gotta run…Sam is too quiet for comfort. Has to be into something!

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Je suis si heureux pour vous que vous alliez en France. Veuillez manger un croissant pour moi.

Merci and I will eat a croissant for you!!

I am a big NPR fan myself. It’s funny, but here in Texas I’ll mention NPR, and people look at me and say they’ve never heard of it. Never heard of NPR? How can you not have heard of NPR? Maybe it’s a Texas sort of thing.

I love the first picture of the lace. Very well done and also Sam, what cutie! I am a country music/easy listening kind of gal I’m afraid!

Thank you.

There is absolutely nothing in the world like a real French croissant.

The butter there is much dryer and therefore makes a much better croissant.