Photo of the Day:

This is one of many that Rachel took day before yesterday.


AND her new camera will be here today.  Husband and I decided she needed something “real” to work with as she shows such an interest and talent for “seeing” things.  I have an older film Canon Rebel.  And after a couple of phone calls and research I found that absolutely all my lenses from that camera will work on the new digital Canon Rebel.  So…ta da!!


It is sort of an early birthday present and will truly be a lovely thing to have on the trip.  So we will have new photos to show soon!

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Yeah to your dd for getting a new camera. I’d advise you to bring the point and shoot to France as well as this one as this one will most likely require a bit of post processing. (sharpening, color adjustments, etc). It was frustrating the first year I had my dslr. Now I look at pics my sisters and brothers and kids take with the p&s’s and am just amazed at the technology.
Good luck with it.

Ohh, what a lucky girl!!! She does take fantastic pictures. Kudos to you and your husband for supporting her in her interests. I always wanted to be an artist and would have done so, but my mom and dad didn’t think there was any future in that. I wish so much that they had encouraged me and supported me to follow my dreams instead of theirs. I always tried to give my own children as much encouragement as they needed to do what they really wanted to do in life.