Remodel Update

The living room remodel is almost complete.  It will be complete this week if all goes well and there is so little left to do, there is no reason why it won’t.  I am posting a couple of pictures before and after.

beforebookcases.jpg bookcases.jpg

It doesn’t even look like the same room!  The top 2/3’s of the bookcases will be open the bottom will have doors.  You cant see it in this picture but there is a vertical magazine rack towards the other end.  VERY nice.

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Oooooo ~ someone does very, VERY nice woodwork! I absolutely love that built in bookcase! Any chance hubby could drop by my corner of the world during his travels? I could feed him pretty good, although I don’t bake as much as you… your finished room is going to be gorgeous!

That looks fabulous Susan! Lucky you to have a husband that is so handy! My Todd is good in the garden, but hand him a hammer and some nails and he is lost!

Husband grew up with a father who was a carpenter by trade. He has always loved the craft and as you see has a gift for it. It is looking lovely. We had very bad weather yesterday but the sun is to shine today so he will get the doors finished and hung tomorrow. Thank you for your compliments…I will tell him.

OOohhhhh! We need those bookcases!!! heehee My brother made library bookshelves for his new bride (she made the drapes)… and I so envy that room! Now I’m envying yours, too!

those builtins are to die for