Remodel Updated Again PLUS Big Apron Givaway News! And where I live!

These are the shelves and cabinets sans book and such. I will wait a couple of weeks before putting anything on them to be sure the paint is cured. It has been very wet and cold and it just takes longer in this weather. But aren’t they lovely?




Now about the apron giveaway!! I am so excited! momomadeit over on etsy has offered up a copy of this lovely pattern to add to the giveaway!

Actually I thought I would just ask her about it sort of an added gift because quite frankly it is one of the nicest patterns I have ever bought. 


Then when I approached her, she said she had already thought of it!!  Great Minds!!! You can read all about it at her shop but the pattern pieces are amazing…made from Pellon graph material and it is amazing! It will last forever! I personally hope she designs more patterns for sale!

Now for Kim’s answer ~ We live in beautiful North West Central Louisiana…18 miles from the Texas state line. We have lived here for 35 years (husband for 42 years) except for two years that we lived in Borger Texas when we first married. In fact we were married there. And our oldest was born there. But we longed for trees and rain and a garden and just to be home. This is home. Kim, if you need more specific directions email. Are you getting up a trip??? Want have a hen party for anyone who lives close enough???

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Very impressive! I loved the raised panel doors…matching the entry door!

Love your storage spaces! So is the giveaway here! I like the apron! I could use one like that!

My dad’s family is from Borger and we lived there till I was 3. Small world, huh? My grandmother taught elementary school there for years and years.

those shelves are just beautiful-I’m so jealous.
hey, I’m right next door to you in Texas 🙂


The room is just wonderful. Shelves and storage space–you can never have enough.
Please put my name in the hat for your giveaway. What a cute apron!

What lovely cabinets! I wish my husband was as handy with a hammer and nail as yours is! Also what a lovely pattern book. How generous of your friend to add it to the giveaway. I would so love to win it all!


The bookshelves are BEAUTIFUL. Jerry did a wonderful job. And I absolutely love the magazine rack. I am envious—-but so happy for you.

I wish I had that much space for my books! I definitely need to find a solution soon. Love the look of yours!

I was thinkin’ of a visit. But it all depends on when you will be in France. I have to go on a business trip to Beaumont and Port Arthur and was wonderinghow far away you all were from there!

oh i am so jealous. your shelf unit looks awesome. great job. and i commend you for waiting that long to put your books on it!! i think my fave bit is the mag rack part. i couldnt remember if i said that i would love to be considered for the apron or not, but i do!!! and that is so sweet that she is giving the pattern away too!