Two Old Geezers


This picture of me and Husband was taken this past Sunday at Nate’s crawfish boil. Husband and I are getting a little tiny bit grey! We’ve earned them though. Every time I talk about maybe coloring my hair – he is strictly opposed! He swears I will still be 48 no matter what color my hair is!

I guess my brother and I do look a bit alike! And our kids look a lot alike too.

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Well, I just turned 51 last month. I did start having a rinse put on my dark hair this past year. I don’t happen to have what we women refer to as “the good kind of gray hair.” Mine shoots up and acts squirrely and dry! But age is only a number. Your husband sounds like a good man. A keeper.

I think that’s a wonderful picture of you both. neither look your age and even if you did, so what? as you said, grey hair has to be earned!

Kim Pebley

It’s always so nice to put a face to a name.. thank you for sharing..You make a wonderful couple!
Kim in Havasu


What a nice picture of the two of you. I am 44 with lots of gray at my temples & it’s spreading!!! But I have light brown hair so it’s blending well. My husband likes it & I don’t really mind it – friends think I should color it, but I’m not one to keep up with those things so I think I’ll just let it have its day!
Bummed I didn’t win that apron! I’m gonna be the lucky girl some day!!! Maybe I’ll save my luck for a mommy & daughter apron so my 7 year old can share my fun!! 🙂

How lovely to be able to put a face to you now Susan! You and your husband are a lovely looking pair. You look just like someone I could sit and have a cuppa along with a good natter with, but then I felt like that without even being able to put a face to you as your heart speaks loud and clear through all your posts! I am dissappointed I didn’t win the apron as well, but congrats to the very lucky winner! At 52 I have grey beginning to thread it’s way through my very dark brown hair. I went with foils…that way no roots show and it just looks natural. I quite like it!

LOVE the pic sweetie pie- so busy but we must chat before I bid you aurevoir. Life is giving me so many blessings.