Two Weeks! What???

Can that be right? Two weeks from tomorrow, we will head out to France. I can’t believe it is so close. Really what happened to that other 18 weeks??? I am getting more and more excited and find it hard to believe this is actually happening. Even 5 years ago it would have never crossed my mind to take such a trip. I wanted to be able to one day see Vermont or Maine, or Idaho! Not that I have seen those places to date, but now I believe I will. This however is the Grand Adventure. I am trying to practice packing. Sounds silly but I dont need to wait till the day we leave to find out I simply cannot get everything we will need in the allotted luggage!

Soon this will be my view as I round the corner!


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I hate you for your spring photos! There is absolutely NO SIGN of spring or flowers or BUDS around here. It should be against the law to post photos of pretty things growing/blooming outside!!

Two weeks ’till the adventure….heh heh heh, having sleeping problems yet? With all that excitement and everything. My niece just got back from an overseas school trip to that part of the world. She loved it! France is a beautiful country. They have such old architecture, original paintings, lovely bakeries, pretty houses…

Have fun! And with regards to your luggage allotment & weight, etc. You want to go over with LESS than a full suitcase because you want to come BACK with stuff!!!

I am so happy for you. I’m sure it’s going to be the trip of a lifetime. May God grant you safe traveling mercies and good health.

How exciting!!!
Just take your camera, some clothes, some shoes, some medicine, a dictionary – and don’t mind too much, there are great shops on your way – and you would not want to travel with completely filled luggage, you need room to get all the findings back home 😉 Looking forward to reading your travel experience.

When we were stationed in Germany in the early 90’s we went to paris twice. It is beautiful. Enjoy every minute of it. And take a trip to the top on the eiffel tower for me! I was to scared to go past the second level. Sit, have a lunch on the banks of the Seine river and watch the boats float by….

Do you realize that you will only be a couple hours away from me??? Amazing to think of! I hope you have a lovely trip! I KNOW you will, afterall . . . Paris is the city of love!

I got so distracted & had so much fun visiting all the blogs you have linked that now I can’t remember if I left you a comment. Don’t see it here, so must not have. ??

Anyway, you will love love love Paris. Perks of the military life include being stationed overseas. We lived in Italy for 3 years. Would go back in a heartbeat. I’m jealous. 😀

Stop on by some time. I’ll fix you glass of iced tea & you can put your feet up.

Confessions of an Apron Queen:

Lucky you! Have a wonderful time and take lots of pictures to share with us.


And what a view! The time certainly has flown by. I remember when I started reading blogs last summer and you e-mailed me about possibly coming to the UK. Then you chose France instead. It’s OK I’m not bitter! I’d go to France over Scotland most days too! The thing is it seems like last week.

But yes, you must leave room in those suitcases for all the goodies you buy when you’re away. Or take an empty one.

I’m excited and I’m not even going to France!!! You’ll have such a wonderful time. Just take comfy shoes, then you can walk everywhere!!

Cherry xoxoxo