And the survey says! And a little meme.

First my survey.

Do you wear Crocs?  

Are they the ugliest things you have ever seen?

Would I a person be a hypocrite to wear a pair now (for comfort) after swearing I they wouldnt be caught dead in a pair because EVERYONE has a pair so therefore, I this person can’t wear them?

Even Husband has a couple of pairs.  The flip flop kind and now a pair of the canvas boat shoe type.  

Look, y’all have no idea how my feet hurt almost constantly!  I have an extra bone in my left foot that is misplaced from my left hand…I am not EVEN kidding.  I suppose my mom had the hiccups or something when she was pregnant with me and I got a little josseled around.  Anywho, this extra bone makes for a pain if shoes are the least bit snug on the top of my foot.  Some might say it’s because I weigh about 40 pounds too much but that’s getting a little too personal and I would like to think its just the extra bone. Okay?  

The reason I am asking is I really really need something I can walk for long periods of time in.  You know, pretty being far less important than my feet not killing me.  This is to be my last purchase for the trip.  I am sure I have far too many clothes selected and when I finally get my luggage packed I will have to leave out quite a bit.  Or should leave out quite a bit.  See, also, if I leave something out, I could always buy something.  There’s always that option.  

Have any of you packed for a month?  Now bear in mind I will have a washer at the house so…I think I need to like color coordinate everything to mix and match.  Any suggestions.  There are things we have to take – medicine and coffee and toiletries.  I have never been away for this long and I always take way too many clothes for short trips so…suggestions welcome!

FYI: I likely will not be posting much if at all during the trip. BUT, I am going to set up a Flickr account (or something similar) for photos of the BIG ADVENTURE. I might could talk someone into guest posting for me.  Maybe a daughter of mine???? 

Now for a picture and a meme I found.  This picture is from the old camera…my my what more pixels will do for photos!


Weird creepy crawly critters though. 

I found this on another blog and it got me thinking…

    Why did you start your blog? Mmmmmm…I like to share? I think I have important things to say? Those sound haughty at best. I guess because I didnt want to be left out. It seemed everyone had one. (so why do I have trouble buying a pair of CROCS you ask???) That sounds a little telling as well. I think I have forgotten the real reason why.

    How did you come up with your blog name? One day I was just sitting here at the computer writing a bio for another project and it came to me. Then I go “Hmmm. That would make a cool name for a blog.” Seriously.

    Do your friends and family know about your blog and if so, what do they think of it? It certainly isnt a secret blog or anything. I have given my blog address to family members. I know my oldest daughter reads it. My sister in law has occasionally checks it out. I don’t get comments from family, so I dont know of anyone else.

    How do you write posts? Oh, things just come to me. Things that I think might interest people who share my love of home and cooking and sewing.

    Have you ever had a troll or had someone leave unkind comments? Not on this blog but certainly in the past on another blog I had. One of those, now sing it with me… “You’re so vain, you probably think this post is about you, don’t you, don’t you…”  kinda things. That is why when you leave a comment I have to approve it. Learned my lesson well. No room for that sort of thing in my real life or here. Ya know? Save your drama for your mama. 

    Do you check your stats? Well of course, don’t you? Do you care how many people read your blog? Not really so much as care but find it very interesting.  When I look at my stats and see 134,075 views  – I am like WOW who in the world are these “views”!!!  If you do care, how do you increase traffic? Oh every now and then it goes way up if I do a give away. That’s how you find out who really wants to read what you write, or just wants to enter a giveaway. Not that it matters, I just find it curious.

    What kind of blogs/posts interest you? LOVE food blogs and homemaking blogs. Travel blogs, peoples blogs who live places I would like to visit. I am a horrible blog friend though.  I almost never comment because I cant think of anything to say that hasnt been said in a previous comment and I feel like it would be silly to just repeat it or write “what she said”.  You know??

    What do you like and dislike about blogging? Dislikes: Feeling silly when you write something YOU think is interesting and not one comment. Feeling like I have to blog even if nothing is going on to blog about. Likes: It is an outlet for me. I write what interests me. I love sharing recipes both here and in real life though you couldnt tell that as of late. But I realize if I took my blog down today, no one would suffer for it. It is just a fun thing to do – keeping in touch with those who share some of your interests.

    Happy Tuesday!

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    Oh my gosh, Susan, you made me laugh today! You won’t believe this, but I said the SAME thing about crocs! LOL!! (I say things like that alot–sometimes my family just rolls their eyes…) I still don’t have a pair, but if I needed a pair of shoes to keep my feet from hurting while walking all over Paris, and crocs were the ones that did the job, I would break down and buy a pair–go ahead, I won’t tell anyone!
    Your answers to the blog questions were great–my goodness, you entertained me today. Oh, and I can’t give you any advise on packing because it sounds like I pack just like you do! 🙂

    I read your blog whenever you post.

    I think crocs are so ugly, but I hear that they are so comfortable. Get a pair…just make sure they are pink. 😉

    Ok, yes, they are ugly at first. But after you wear them for a whole day without even realizing your even wearing shoes, they start to look a bit beautiful. Trust me, I prefer my crocs to my slippers they are so comfy and they get more so the longer you have them. I’m in Colorado, where they originated, so EVERYONE has some. I was just like you in the beginning, wouldn’t dream of owning them. Got some as a birthday gift and am forever greatful. On my birthday wish list for this year . . . the cozy crocs with the faux sherpa lining! Have a fabulous trip.


    Buy the shoes and don’t feel a bit bad about it! You deserve to be comfy during your trip. I hope it’s wonderful, I hope you’re well, and I hope you find it’s all you hoped for.

    God bless you!

    Laura of Harvest Lane
    Yep, I read your blog regularly!


    I guarantee you the crocs will be much more comfortable than those flowery army boot things. Although not even half as pretty, your feet will thank you for it!
    I hate the looks of them but I own 3 pair…. even if you hate them they make great garden shoes or house shoes!

    Oh Michelle you are so right…and I do like them. And since I do…when I get back I am going to get the sandals for Summer. I am already believing they may be the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. Seriously. And if they truly get more comfortable…well I dont care how they look!!!

    They didnt have pink! But I got a nice dull pair of black ones. Awww so soft on the bottom of my feet. And I am getting a pedicure tomorrow I think.

    Crocs…. MY BEST FRIENDS!!!! I thought they were hideous. I bought the Crocs RX from Footsmart, as they did not have the holes all in the top, just around the edge. Anyway, I bought a pair last year. I have to have something with some cush, as my house is just a cement floor and I too carry some extra baggage pounds. These shoes have been a life saver for me. I am buying a pair in a new color this year!!!!

    I think you will really love the crocs…even docs recommend them. I have a bright yellow pair that never fails to make my kids cringe, but boy, they can spot me a mile off! and honestly, I forget I even have them on-just heaven!
    **side note here-I wear mine because of a knee problem, not because of my feet. They stabilize my feet so well, I don’t have to wear a brace on my knee**

    Mine is a knee problem too..just one knee..but the Crocs are so much more comfortable for walking alot. I always swore I wouldn’t get them either…but I have 4 pair now. Yep. Brown, red, Old Old black ones(with NO tread left on the bottom) and cute black MaryJane ones for wearing with skirts. I am a believer now. I even got cute little Jibbets charms that go on the red ones for when I sub at the elementary school. You will love them. I still love “real shoes” but these are so cloud soft and light..just perfect. And there is a GIANT difference between real and fake crocs. I had fake ones first and gave them to oldest daughter when I got real ones.

    I wear crocs all the time. Yes, they are ugly, but they are the most comfortable footwear that I have ever had. I have three pairs now and I wear them every day. I’d wear them to church if I could get away with it! They are the most comfortable thing to wear when you are going to be tramping around and spending hours and hours on your feet! Not to mention they weigh next to nothing giving your more leeway to pack something else in your luggage!


    I don’t have a pair of Crocs but I’m always 10 years behind in fashion. I do wear Dansko shoes and they are the best things my feet have worn..I got my first pair at Mary Janes Farm 4 years ago for my birthday and have about 5 pairs now. I buy them on ebay for better deals. The most comfortable style are the mary janes..Margrete are the most versatile. I wear them all year round..A little pricey but I have been wearing the same pair for 4 years.. Bon Voyage!

    Crocs are crocs…what can you say? Ugly or not they’re light and comfy. My sister, the ER nurse that has had problems with her feet can’t wear them. They’re uncomfortable and she just wears tennis shoes. I’d say, buy a knock off pair and try them out. If you love them–keep them.

    Keep in mind that they may be considered really goofy in europe…so you might consider a black or more subtle color. On a Washington DC field trip with the school…one mom had bright pink crocs the first day and stuck out like a sore thumb…this was 2 yrs ago when they were relatively new…but she said…”but everyone was wearing them at Disney!”… Needless to say she didn’t wear them the next day. The teacher/leader and her hubby had black crocs…and no one noticed them!

    No help with the packing…I’m an over pack rat myself.


    And I thought I was the soul holdout on joining the world of croc wearers, interesting to see I am not alone after reading comments. That being said if you find them comfortable I can think of no better reason than your trip to wear a pair. And a comment on your line in the meme you wrote “But I realize if I took my blog down today, no one would suffer for it.” So not true! Your blog is a daily read for me and I enjoy it very much.


    Yep! I gave into them too, LOL! They are funky looking but they are comfy and so easy to just slide on!
    And just in case I don’t get back here in time…Hope you and the family have a WONDERFUL trip! Can’t wait to see and hear all about it =)

    I’m so sorry that I’ve been a lurker! I couldn’t help but comment on this post. I buy crocs for my kids, but have never bought myself a pair. This season will be different. Maybe pink maryjanes like my daughter’s? Who knows, but I will buy a pair!

    I hope you have a great time on your trip. I’m looking forward to reading all about it!