Au Revoir!

Heading for parts unknown!

It is nearly time!  This weekend has been spent saying our good byes to friends and families.  Hoping we haven’t left anything crucial out of our luggage.  Double and triple checking everything we could think of.  This afternoon I will pack the car and get the last minute cleaning done and tomorrow I hope to sleep past 3 am, though in reality the more tired I am the greater chance there is I can sleep on the flight.

My oldest daughter as agreed to post entries for me when I get a chance to send them to her.  Or maybe she will just check in with you and let you know we arrived and are having a wonderful time.

Until then, stay safe and have a wonderful April!

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In case I don’t talk to you before you leave—I am so exited for you and your family! This is the trip of a lifetime! I hope you all have a wonderful time, full of exciting adventures and make treasured memories. I can’t wait to hear all about your trip from Hannah—I’m going to miss that girl! I have no doubt you can handle any little obstacles that may come your way—-you have done an amazing job with all your children and everything else life has dealt you, so just have faith in yourself that you will handle everything that comes your way during this wonderful adventure. Please take plenty of pictures. Have a wonderful and safe journey. Talk to you when you get back.

Susan, I hope you have a lovely trip and a safe one. Enjoy every moment of Paris in the springtime! I do hope that we get to meet each other in person! That will be lovely! Go with God and be happy! XXOO


Bon voyage Susan! Looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back. Bx

Hoping your trip is absolutely wonderful. Hubby and I are leaving Saturday for Grand Cayman. . . and. . . I . . . can’t WAIT!!




Have a safe & lovely time!!!!