Happy Birthday Mama

Today is my mom’s birthday.  She would have been 78.  Hard to believe she has been gone 6 months.  It really REALLY seems like it has only been a little while. Wasn’t she a cute kid?  I am making salmon patties and macaroni and tomatoes in her honor.

Maybe I will feel like posting something interesting tomorrow.  I have been sick, SICK, SICK all week and thru the weekend.  This cold or whatever I have has kicked my behind.

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Oh Susan. I think these anniversaries are always hard. I hope you enjoy the special meal.

These old photos are lovely aren’t they. My Mum will be 73 on May 10th and she has photos of her that look just like your Mum’s pic, you know, the same feel of that generation.

I hope you are on the mend and feeling properly better soon.

Yes, she was a darling! I’m sorry she is no longer with you….I know how sad and difficult it can be at times.

I lost my mom in 2003. She would have been 84 this year. She loved salmon patties and macaroni too! So do I.

I hope that pesky cold departs very soon.


I lost my mother 1 year ago.
She would have been 65.
I miss her everyday.
She also loved salmon patties and mac and cheese.
You may have just inspired my dinner. 🙂
Did you have to clean out your mother’s home?
What is your most treasured inherited piece from your mother? Perhaps you can post a picture of it.
Please feel better.

oh, she was a pretty girl! she liked noodles and tomatoes? am i missing something here?
that is sweet that you make her favorite dish on her birthday. a lovely tradition

A lovely way to remember your mom Susan. What a sweet girl she was! I hope that you feel better soon. XXOO

Your mother was a beautiful young woman, and her warm vivacious spirit (which is visible in the photograph) lives on in you and in all who loved her. My mom was six months behind yours… she’d have been 78 in mid-October. My thoughts are with you on what I know is a bittersweet day…

What a precious way to honor your mom! She certainly made a pretty little girl.



Remembering Mama, feelings of joy and still the sting of loss. Thinking of you.