Information about the lovely boots

A quick note about the boots….click on them for a link to more info!


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I saw those in a shop today and actually thought of you.

Can I just say I LOVE THESE BOOTS?! and if I didn’t have a brand new plain brown pair DH gave me for Christmas a year ago that I just wore 2 days ago and if I weren’t in a mild state of panic over the economy, I would buy these in an absolute heartbeat…

of course, they are far too pretty to muck up in the garden…so I’d have to wear them around the house with my PJs…

hi there,just found your site today Sunday while sitting in bed having my morning coffee,really enjoying it,but i have to say,i just love those boots,they are the prettiest things, wonder if there available here in Adelaide,Australia,must go searching,by the way good luck to you all with that horrific cyclone bearing down,have been hearing about it on the morning radio news,i will watch the evening news on tv to see whats happening,thanks for sharing your life with us.