National Apron Day is May 12 (Giveaway!!)

So of course I am doing an Apron Giveaway.  And the Sunday before is Mother’s Day so…well I think I ought to do a double give away dont you?  So…here is the deal…

1)There will be a Mother’s Day GiveAaway combined with a National Apron Day GiveAway.  There will be two aprons given to two different winners. I will draw both on Sunday May 11. Both will be mailed on May 12th (or as soon after the drawing as I get the winners’ addresses!)  The Mother’s Day Apron will be a vintage apron from my collection and the other will be make my yours truly! Just leave me a comment telling me you would like to have your name included in the old Mason jar and I will add it!

As soon as I decide what the apron will be made from I will post pictures of the fabric.

So obviously I have lived over this horrible cold/allergy/whatever I have had.  Hannah pointed out last night that I do better after surgery than I do with a sinus infection.  I think a sinus infection makes you feel worse!  But aside for still being a bit stopped up and still hoarse, I feel human today.  Which is a vast improvement.  It got to the point that I had talked myself into believing that I  had Legionnaire’s Disease and caught it from the plane home!  Nevermind that no one else is sick.  Anyway I think this is the end of it.  Hopefully.

Tomorrow is Rachel’s 16th and we will have her party this weekend.  She wants a strawberry cake with fudge icing…sounds pretty good.  I think Husband will be grilling burgers and such.

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Sandy Nance

Looks like you might need to get a very large Mason jar. 🙂
Please include my name in the chance to win a lovely apron.
I am delighted!
Thank you!
Sandy N.

I’d love to win an apron!! Count me in!!


Pick me! pick me! I love your site and aprons.


Hi Susan, glad you are feeling better! I’d love to have my name added to your mason jar =)

I would love to be entered in the drawing! I am an apron addict :o)


I’m ready to win one of your aprons Susan..glad you’re feeling better..


Hi There,
Newbee to your Blog , love to see how you
are doing everyday, glad that you are better.
I would love for you to put my name into
the Mason jar .


An apron giveaway – how wonderful. I am thinking of wearing one to work on May 12th just to show my support! Please add my name to your Mason Jar!

I need to wear more aprons! Love your blog!

Am I too late? I definitly want in on this apron give away! How fun. Thanks! I didn’t know about National Apron day but I think I’ll have to wear an apron all day long to celebrate!


Hi fellow Susan! Please add me to the lovely apron giveaway, I sure could use another one! Glad to have you back!

I linked over to you from Cherry Menlove’s blog. May I please be included in your giveaway? I do hope you are feeling much better. xxoo


For the past three days I have been reading MaryJane Butters~ ideabook~ cookbook~lifebook.
I am simply livid that it has been around since 2005 and I have just now found it. I love this book and want a copy for myself! So many things to try and so little time! The recipes in the book are incredible…will be making up lots of homemade mixes using the things I grow in my city garden….finding the book was like a little treat for me! Plus all the other delights and info.
Would love to win your aprons….add my name to your jar. Thank you.

Oh can I be in the mason jar too ?

Oh please

Oh please

Oh please

Oh please

Thank you !


I’d love to add my name to the jar!


Susan, please add my name to your mason jar too. Thanks a bunch! =o)


I would love to win one of your beautiful Aprons, I am a email subscriber and I am excited for this giveaway! Please add me to the Mason jar!


I would love to have my name put into the Mason jar. So very cool!


Hi Susan! Please put my name into your mason jar 🙂 Thanks! Hope you’re feeling better!

Ooh, add me in, please!


Love your blog and I would love to be added to the drawing too! I commented under your book posting and might have left the wrong URL…
but it is to a blog I like too.. just trying to do too many things at one time.


Please add my name to your Apron giveaway! Thank you sooooo much! Have a great day!


Please add my name to the Mason jar. The apron is beautiful. Thank You

Nance in France

The mason jar looks to be pretty crowded but I will hold my breath and jump in also! Hope you are feeling a nice spring in your step again. Hugs, Nance

i think people underestimate sinus infections. when i use to get them, it would knock me out of the running for ages! i used to get about 3 a year and all told i was sick for about 2 months each time. not good. i thankfully no longer get them! because, i dont blow my nose any more. seriously!!
a dr. told me you are just reinfecting yourself every time you blow. give it a try!!

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