Okay, I caved.

I am sitting at this computer in a nice pair of black crocs. The original design with the holes in the top. So just when I was all bent about whether or not I should “wear what everyone else is wearing”…I lost a filling so basically I feel like who cares. I am going to do my best to get a dentist appointment today. I already had one set up for tomorrow but I am going to do my best to move it up to today. The filling falling out hasnt given me a tooth ache or anything, its more of a surface filling, but now instead of people noticing my ugly shoes, they will be looking at the gaping hole in my lower front tooth! Crikey! Just so SO thankful it wasnt this time next week!!

The girls have started packing. As have I. Benjamin has been packed for over a week. Sooo organized. I have packed and repacked, and tried to narrow down what I am taking. I think I am pretty much finished. Well except I had to unpack a sweater last night but I will wash it and repack it today.

I spend a bit of time yesterday driving so I was able to listen to my French CD’s. It’s going to be fine. I am going to keep telling myself that. I truly wish I had found this set earlier in the planning of this trip. But I think the “instant immersion” we are about to experience could not have been prepared for, given our lack of exposure to other languages. If I dont learn anything else from this trip I will be happy to have picked up some French.
Thanks Rachel, cool photo.  

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I have yet to buy any form of Crocs for myself or my children. *cringe* lol


I hope you have a wonderful trip. If I may ask, what French CD set do you like? I have been trying to teach myself French while walking. The CD set that I have is hard to follow.


Please just ignore the horrid, HORRID toupee. He’s the teacher to the stars. I downloaded it on ITunes. I love it. And have learned more in one week than I have in months with Rosetta Stone. I know, I know, everyone touts Rosetta Stone…it just wasnt for me.


I’ve had a pair of crocs for a year now and have just bought my 2nd pair. I love them so much. So comfy and easy to slip on for popping into the garden or out to the car. Lovely to drive in too. My daughter has four pairs including a pair with the woolly lining in and a pair of mary janes. All very sweet and comfy. My only bugbear is that they are so expensive for what they are.
So well done for caving! Your feet will love you for it!
Hope you get your tooth fixed soon. I lost a filling two weeks ago and have to wait til the 14th!

I found this great material on a website and thought you might be able to use it once you are back from Paris. Here is the site:


Have a wonderful trip! I know once you get there you will forget how anxious you were..Enjoy the adventure and please take tons of pics for us.

This is such an exciting time for you! I have to remember to send you my cell number!!!

Eeeeeek! I’m excited for you!

Cherry xoxoxoxox

Kimber Bennett

The countdown is on! I am so excited for you. It is going to be great to have you teach us how to pack when we go on our trip to France. (not)

As for the crocs, my daughter loves them. She lives in them even here in Alaska in the winter. I slip them on occasionally and they sure are comfy.

I guess if you were going to lose the filling, doing it at home is better then France. Hope it is an easy fix.
I sure am pleased that we reconnected. Thanks so much for hanging in there all these years. You have really been an inspiration to me!

Take care, Kimber

Oh, have a most wonderful, once in a lifetime experience, OK?



My dad loves them so he sent me a pair. Nice because you can easily hose them off, lol!

I filled a bunch of the holes with little croc thingies that represent me.

Have a wonderful trip!!! Do buy a lot of baguette, fromage and vin 😉 Great that your kids do the packing themselves! Wish you all a good flight and great experiences!

I was thinking a lot before buying “MY pair” of crocs – lilac Mary Janes’ – but all the other sandals I did put on where so much not me and these do fit perfectly, even on hot summer days combined to light linen trowser and go so well with my amethyst necklace and ring 😉

crocs rock…hope you are having a wonderful trip