Recipe: Lemon Pepper Chicken Pasta

Sometimes when Husband asked what we are having for supper, what he is trying to say in a nice way is it is my turn (finally) to cook.  So night before last when he asked I said “I have been wanting to try this pasta dish.  How does that sound?”  Fine.  It sounded fine.  Even after I admitted that I only had it partially concocted in my head.  It actually turned out pretty delish.

I cubed some boneless skinless chicken breasts and sauteed them in a little butter/olive oil combination   with plenty of salt and pepper. In another skillet I sauteed a red bell pepper, 5 green onions, 5 cloves garlic,  and two ribs of celery until tender. While I was doing the veggies and chicken, in a separate pot I cooked the spaghetti and then tossed it in a big bowl with fresh lemon slices (3-4) and butter.

While everything was hot I tossed it all together and served with a toasted baguette and fresh spinach salad.

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Oh my, that sounds so good as I sit hear munching on a bowl of stale corn flakes! LOL I will trying it very soon. Thanks.

Farmgirl blessings,