A Little Apron Love

Just thought I would share a little apron love with you this Saturday morning.

You can find it over in my etsy shoppe!

Also, isnt this a find! A very nice copy of American Family Magazine from May 1952.

You may or may not know how much I love magazines from the 50’s and 60’s. This one is just terrific. I will be sharing some of the insides with you in future posts. I meant to post is on Mother’s Day since it is the Mother’s Day issue but somehow let it slip by. When I was uploading pictures this morning to add the apron to my etsy I found the photos of this magazine. I just love the cover!

I am also very VERY happy to report Benjamin was eating a little bit by last night. Some scrambled eggs and mashed potatoes. He has plans for pancakes this morning. AND he didnt have any pain medication yesterday afternoon. I insisted he take a dose at bedtime along with his antibiotic which by the way just might be the most foul smelling (and he says tasting as well) thing I have ever encountered! It is rough!

That’s about it for this morning! Have a wonderful Saturday. OHHH I forgot to tell you Rachel has a Summer job working as a cashier at the local grocery store. She pretty excited. And she starts driver’s ed week after next. My chicks are growing up!

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Beautiful apron and wonderful magazine! I just love old things like that and am looking forward to you posting some of it’s contents! Glad to hear that Ben is feeling better and way to go Rachel! Well done!

Good for you Rachel! You go, girl!

Good for you Ben! Wanting pancakes … I admire that. You’re getting your appetite back.

I know what you mean about the antibiotic too. Almost forgot how nasty that was. My Mom used to put ours in our milk. I would rather have taken it and then drank the milk afterwards. It did smell foul and I hated that part. Got a spanking for pouring mine down the sink. I don’t know how she knew unless she smelled it. xxoo


What a great old magazine. My son bought me a copy of National Geographic from my birthday year and I love it.

Glad to hear Benjamin is well and truly on the mend.