Busy Week Ahead

This is the week of the tonsillectomy. With pre-op and such we have something planned for everyday leading up to Thursday. I am pretty sure Benjamin in not nearly as nervous about it as I am. But you know many times something comes along to put things in perspective for you. I got a call last night about 9:15 from a young mom of two. This young couple are not 30 yet and have two little ones. I think the little boy is 8 and the little girl is 2 and a half. This couple has been through so much. Their first born arrived very early weighing in at less than 3 pounds and to say it was touch and go for a long time, is a very big understatement. But he was a fighter. They have endured so much in their lives where their little man is concerned and just this last year he had open heart surgery to repair a hole in his heart. So yeah, a tonsillectomy seems pretty simple. I think I needed to hear from her as much as she wanted to talk to me. Perspective you know. Her husband worked for mine for a long time when Husband still worked in the States. They took an instant liking to one another and Husband felt like this young man was one of our children being about the same age as our oldest son and he appreciated his work ethic and we were at the hospital when their little boy was born and struggled for his life. We don’t see them often but they do come into our thoughts and conversations and we wonder how they are all getting on. We have plans to meet for a meal sometime in June and catch up.

My niece is here for a few days. And I hear there will be a cooking show filmed later today. I have to run into town with their grocery list this morning and be sure all the ingredients are available. They always have such a great time together.

I am also trying to finish up a couple of aprons to put in my etsy shoppe. I will let you know when they are posted.

Better get busy this morning. Have a wonderful day and here is a photo to enjoy!

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Oh, wow! Sending good tonsil thoughts his way!

So glad you found me, because I’m loving your site too! I’ll have to catch up on reading old posts this week.


Hope you have a good week leading up to the op and send you and Benjamin all good wishes. Is it ice cream or crisps these day after you have your tonsils out!

I hope all goes well with Ben’s tonsilectomy! Plenty of ice cream and tender loving care will do the trick afterwards! I love the picture of the flower. It’s absolutely beautiful.

Susan I got your package! Thanks so much! What a lovely apron and the soap smells fabulous. I can’t wait to use it! Neither can I wait to bake a pie and use that cute little pie bird you sent! You are so generous and me thanks you from the bottom of my heart! XXOO