For The Love of Chickens

I love chickens. Plain and simple. And repeatedly over the past few years I have mentioned it to Husband. His new reason for not keeping chickens is they will tie us down. Cats we can go off and leave with minimal concern, of course seeing that someone puts out food and water for them.  But chickens are a different story.  Eggs to be gathered.  They have to be let out during the day, penned up at night, fed, watered and pretty much “tended”.  I see his point but it doesnt make me want them less.  Another “con” is that the cats we already have and love will kill them.  I doubt that.  Though I do receive many gifts from Seamus.  Even received a lovely, though dead, flying squirrel a few days ago.  I have to admit as sorry as I was he killed the little thing, I was nonetheless impressed that he did.  Nocturnal and flying…both deterrents for a cat.  Or at least I think so.  Anywho, I don’t think Seamus would kill grown chickens.  I think they would peck his eyes out.  Not literally.  But I do think they could fend for themselves.  So last word was “Read up on this issue and be sure chickens and cats can live harmoniously before we undertake such a project.”  Will do.

So if in fact at some point I do get a few chickens, these are my favorites:

I LOVE barred rocks.  Seriously, I think they are so beautiful.  So that’s what I am contemplating these days.  That and decluttering.  I will be putting some craft books and such in my etsy shoppe so stay tuned…OHHH and also will be making the apron for the giveaway.  Its going to be sooo cute.  Maybe a fabric picture later today if I have time.

Have a great Tuesday.

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I so VERY much enjoy keeping chickens. I’ve successfully raised flocks of dozens while also keeping cats. Only the absolute bravest (or craziest!) cat will dare attack a grown chicken, especially if there is a rooster around. They’d wreak havoc on chicks, though. The real threats to birds of any age are dogs and wild varmints, who will find any possible gap in/over fencing. Fence the chicken yard well and keep a big scary rooster and you’ll avoid a lot of trouble. (A flock of more than a few hens needs a rooster anyway.)

As far as leaving chickens for a couple days, it’s not that big a deal to the birds. Leave a self-waterer and self-feeder and keep the birds in a securely fenced/locked henhouse/yard, and they’ll be fine. If you question the quality of the eggs laid in your absence, just throw them away and wait for fresh ones. If you plan to travel a lot, or for extended periods, then you’d want someone to come over to refresh everything and let the birds out for a while.

I love chickens, can you tell?!

Barred Rocks are great for laying, but pretty lean for meat. A great dual purpose bird (and my favorite!) are Buff Orpingtons. Add a few Auracanas for colored eggs, just for fun!

I totally agree with you about Barred Rocks- they are beautiful chickens. I have one Barred Plymouth Rock and two Rhode Island Red pullets.
After the misadventure with my daughter’s cat and three of our chicks, my foray into chickendom has been pretty uneventful. I did build a solid chicken house and yard to make sure that the girls are safe. Their yard is appx. 16×16 (for three small hens) and I covered the top of it with plastic poult netting so that nothing can get in from above. I also put a strip of shade cloth down the center, which gives them shade in different areas of the pen throughout the day. The cat and the dogs have not shown any interest in getting into the yard. In fact, they will lay at the fence and watch them, but without any malicious intent. 🙂
I hope that you can convince your hubby to get you some chickens. They really are so much fun. Even my husband, who dislikes most of the animal kingdom, has shown mild interest in our hens. That is saying a lot!!


I would love to keep chickens, too. But I live in town now and it wouldn’t go over too well.

yanno… chickens, for me, are like prozac to the rest of the world. when i’m feeling overwhelmed, nothing soothes my soul like going out and just sitting among them.
fresh organic eggs and meat are a bonus.
onto the cat issue… cats are hunters. they keep the rodent population under control and occasionally bring me a squirrel or two……..but they seem to know that the chickens belong here. even the babies, in their uncovered brooders are safe. they don’t even glance at the newly hatched quail (which look like over grown cockroaches running around)


Hi Susan,

Just decided to drop by today to see if you’d added anything and I found your post on chickens. Greg and I have talked for the past couple of years about building a small chicken coop and run. And would you believe my #1 pick for the breed that I want is the Barred Rock!!! Great minds do think alike. haha

I also love the Buff Orpingtons and, of course, the Dominiques… “Domineckers” as most southerners call them. =o)

Good luck,

I love chickens too! We don’t have any here where I live, (expect the Madame up a the big house would freak out did I get some!) But I have had some at different times and I always enjoyed having them.