Happy To Report

Hubby arrived safe and sound in Sfax (Tunisia) after a couple of delays and missed flights. I was very happy to hear from him and know he at least made it to his hotel…FINALLY. Here’s your picture for today. These are some roses he picked for me yesterday to put in the middle of our kitchen table.

AND here is the fabric for the apron I am making for the Mother’s Day giveaway….pretty huh?

I will be using the pattern shown…from a very talented Apronista! Her etsy shop is Momo Made It so be sure and check that out!

Thanks for the encouragement on the chickens!  I will be carefully making my case! Maybe if I were able to build the chicken coop myself that would make it a bit better.  Not saying I can’t…just never have.  Karin I ventured over to look at yours…OH MY GOODNESS!!! How adorable! I want more pictures!  I was thinking about 6 hens would be enough for us.  We have raised chickens before – having as many as 50 or so at a time.  But that was years ago.  And mostly for fryers.  I don’t think I am interested in that at all anymore.  I have trouble eating things I have a conversation with.  Reminds me of Walter.  My calf I raised.  We had him….ummmm…fixed and had all intentions of butchering him for the freezer.  But Walter thought I was his Mommy and I just couldn’t.  So I ended up selling him.  That was hard enough.  And we did put some of our chickens in the freezer but I think I might just let them live this time around…if there is a this time of course.  Surely keeping 6 hens wouldn’t be that much trouble.  And maybe a rooster though I did have a very bad experience with a rooster one time and had to kill him myself.  I wouldnt want to have to do that again.  But he went crazy!  Kept attacking my children and one day I was heading across the yard carrying Hannah (she was just about 3 months old) and he flew at me and spurred me in the arm – the arm that was holding Hannah!  Let’s just say he didn’t see sundown that day.  And we never kept another rooster.  Oh well, those are my chicken stories for today.  Gotta do some sewing tomorrow and more de-cluttering.

Anyone interested in some Japanese Craft books and magazines???? I will be putting them up in my etsy shoppe too.  And some fabric bundles…all sorts of things.

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Blue, white and yellow are my favorite colors. Ginghams are especially me. I love the fabrics you chose.

Your roses are beautiful. I am sure they perfumed the room.

Bernadette C.

The roses are amazingly beautiful. I can almost smell them! They are so much nicer than any store-bought ones.

Your fabrics are so wonderful! Now, about the chickens. They are fabulous! I love ’em too. Tell your hubby chickens are very low maintenance. We have a large self-feeder and self-waterer. I do check them every day, but I only have to refill those about every three days, maybe more in hot weather. My kids love ’em too.
Roosters, on the other hand are a pain in the rear. We had one last year. He had issues with time. Midnight was his favorite crowing hour. Not very pleasant. 🙂


Pretty flowers! What a sweet thing to do for you before he left!!

Beautiful roses and fantastic fabrics for the apron! It will be so beautiful! You really have me wanting chickens again . . .


Beautiful roses!! Nice…

After seriously craving chickens for a few years now, I have my flock of 15. Although they were all supposed to be girls when I purchased them as one-day-old chicks, I am pretty certain at least 3 are roosters. I wanted one rooster, but I don’t know yet what I will do with the others, assuming they start fighting when they are a little older. Anyway, mine just moved out of the brooder and into the coop yesterday. I have it all on my blog, including some chicken video. The chickens are all I hoped for and more, even before the fresh eggs. I love just sitting with them, doing a little reading and watching their chickenness. I find it very soothing.

Can’t wait to see what you’ll be adding to your etsy. I have been looking for Japanese craft magazines!